Alaska Equine Rescue

Alaska Equine Rescue

You might also be interested in looking at The Roscoe Fund – Alaska. ABOUT ALASKA EQUINE RESCUE Alaska Equine Rescue, a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, is managed by a dedicated group … Read more

The Roscoe Fund – Alaska

The Roscoe Fund – Alaska

You might also be interested in looking at Alaska Equine Rescue. ABOUT THE ROSCOE FUND The Roscoe Fund was established to assist rescue animals or owners who are in need … Read more



Application ENGLISH: Rental and Utility Assistance If you are planning to apply for the Sonoma County Emergency Rental Assistance Program, please visit:  Did you look up our article about … Read more

Angel Fund in California

Angel Fund In California

Responding to the CoronaVirus The Angel Fund has been closely monitoring the events throughout the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic. Most of the staff work remotely, as per recommendations from government and … Read more

Essential but Excluded Fund

Essential But Excluded Fund

The “Essential but Excluded Fund” offers emergency support through member groups and FLIC’s hotline for families affected by the Covid-19 pandemic and economic crisis. Are you interested in more Free … Read more



About 850UndocuFund 805UndocuFund, a 501c(3) corporation, is managed by a volunteer board of directors that mobilizes resources when disaster hits. They provide short-term financial assistance to undocumented residents, and advocates … Read more


Illinois Covid Help

COVID Housing & Economic Loss Prevention The COVID-19 pandemic threatens the economic and housing security of residents living in Illinois. Legal aid community is available to give COVID help. A … Read more

Emergency Dean Fund

Emergency Dean Fund

The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign alumni and supporters generously donated to the Emergency Dean Fund, and this fund provides very limited financial assistance for enrolled, degree-seeking students. This fund … Read more


Neighbor To Neighbor (n2n)

GRANT GUIDELINES WHO CAN APPLY Social service agencies that provide assistance to individuals and families in need in the Berkshire Taconic region. GRANT INFORMATION Neighbor-to-Neighbor offers emergency assistance for local … Read more


Help Now Nyc

Assistance for Individuals Following an emergency, the City will provide information about resources available for you. Keep checking back for more information. COVID-19 Resources Assistance for Organizations Following an emergency, … Read more

HFLS: General Needs Loan

Hfls General Needs Loan

General Needs Loan Overview The General Needs Loan Program offers interest-free loans of up to $7,500 to residents with low and moderate incomes in New York City’s five boroughs, Westchester … Read more

Public Utility Commission: Oregon Lifeline

Public Utility Commission Oregon Lifeline

Affordable Connectivity Program (formerly Emergency Broadband Benefit The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) runs the Affordable Connectivity program, which was formerly called the Emergency Broadband Benefits program. The Affordable Connectivity program, … Read more

New Hope Ministries

New Hope Ministries

Basic Food Needs All of the Centers are available and safely providing service for those who need them. For assistance, call the nearest Center to where you live. It may … Read more

Texas Rent Relief Program

Texas Rent Relief Program

Renters with outstanding rents or utility bills may receive assistance. Over 300,000 Texans have received help from the Texas Rent Relief Program. COVID-19 is affecting Texans all over the state. … Read more

Holli Fund Grant Application

Holli Fund Grant Application

Eligible Applicants Holli Fund provides financial support to individuals working in Richmond’s food service industry who are in an economic crisis. This includes a loss of income due to illness, … Read more

Florida – SARE Southern

Florida – Sare Southern

High Tunnels Provide Pest and Disease Control Benefits in Tropical Climates High tunnels in subtropical environments reduce pest and disease pressures in organic vegetable cultivation. Using high tunnels can help … Read more

Mississippi – SARE Southern

Mississippi – Sare Southern

Farm-to-Fork Strategies Being Developed to Better Market Meat Products Mississippi State University, Alcorn State University, and Tuskegee University are creating farm-to-fork tools for small-scale livestock producers to help them harvest, … Read more

Virginia – SARE Southern

Virginia – Sare Southern

Silvopasture Systems Help Reduce Heat Stress in Livestock According to research by a Southern Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education Graduate Student Grant, silvopasture (the integration and maintenance of livestock and … Read more

North Carolina – SARE Southern

North Carolina – Sare Southern

Better Weed Control Through Mechanical and Electrical Means According to a study by a graduate student at North Carolina State University, a combination of mechanical and electrical means may be … Read more

Alabama – SARE Southern

Alabama – Sare Southern

Biofertilizers a Viable Alternative to Synthetic Nitrogen in Forage Production Beneficial soil microbes are good alternatives to synthetic nitrogen for fertilization and quality enhancement in livestock forage production systems, based … Read more

Puerto Rico – Southern SARE

Puerto Rico – Southern Sare

Ag Professionals Receiving Training in Soil Management Practices The University of Puerto Rico’s soil resource specialists and USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service’s soil management experts are training extension agents on … Read more

Kentucky – SARE Southern

Kentucky – Sare Southern

Extension Agents Receive High Tunnel Training to Better Assist Growers Kentucky county extension agents receive high tunnel training in order to help growers with a range of production challenges, including … Read more

Oklahoma – Southern SARE

Understanding Production Under Native American Cropping Systems Langston University and a group of institutions serving Native Americans have begun to study the “sisters” model of crop production in order to … Read more