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Birchbark Foundation: Financial Assistance

In order to qualify for a BirchBark PetAid Gift, you must be able to answer “YES” to these following questions:

  1. Are you a San Benito, Santa Cruz, or Monterey County resident?
  2. Is the animal suffering from a life-threatening, life-compromising injury or illness that needs immediate care?
  3. If you are not currently at one of the BirchBark Veterinary Partners, please click here and find the nearest BirchBark Veterinary Partner. Then, please take your pet to this location for an initial examination. This initial exam is your financial responsibility.
  4. According to the veterinarian: did your pet have a good prognosis; can treatment be completed in one or two visits?
  5. Has anyone in your family or you applied for ScratchPay or Care credit and have been denied credit or offered insufficient credit to pay for the cost of treatment?
  6. Can you afford 25% of the medical expenses at the time of treatment?
  7. Is your total household income below 300% of the federal poverty guidelines (as listed in the chart below)?
  8. Has your pet been spayed or neutered? If not, you need to get them spayed or neutered as it is a requirement to get help from BirchBark.
  9. Are you willing to be interviewed for a success story about your pet after it is treated?

It is understandable that caring for a pet who is seriously ill can be very difficult. BirchBark employees as well as Vet Partners are available to support you through this difficult time. They will treat you and your pet with respect. BirchBark has a policy that prohibits PetAid applicants from engaging in abusive, disrespectful, or disruptive behavior.

Household SizeIncome
1 person$38,640 or less
2 people$52,260 or less
3 people$65,880 or less
4 people$79,500 or less
5 people$93,120 or less
6 people$106,740 or less
7 people$120,360 or less
8 people$133,980 or less

If you answered YES to all of the questions, please contact one of the Veterinary Partners or call the helpline at 831.471.7912.

If you answered NO to any questions, please click here for more fundraising options.

Contact Information

Office: 831.471.7255

Helpline: 831.471.7912

[email protected]

101 Cooper Street, Santa Cruz CA 95060

Or, PO Box 1903, Monterey CA 93942

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