Denkai Animal Sanctuary

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About Denkai

Denkai Animal Sanctuary was established in May 2004 by Floss Schwarzburn. It provides lifesaving services to domestic animals in distress throughout the United States and Mexico.

During its formative years, Denkai started in Weld County, CO with three facilities totaling over 640 acres, performing farming, conservation, large animal rescue, pet animal rescue, and low-cost veterinary care in the area. It was immediately established as the largest and most diverse organization of its kind around the area.

Denkai’s board voted in 2017 to move the organization to Yellow Jacket, CO after recognizing a need for strong services in Montezuma County. Then, in three short years, Denkai expanded to a second location in Cortez, CO. The purchase of the 209 West Main location was made possible in September 2020 with the assistance of Region 9 and First National Bank of Cortez.

Denkai Yellow Jacket – Houses, Rehabilitates Equine, and Farm Animal Rescues.

Denkai- Cortez (CO) – This is the 16,000 square foot retail center. The store offers an adoption center for rescued dogs and cats, and they sell retail supplies, accepts donations of used items, and provides low-cost programs, including pet food and vaccinations, for low-income pet owners.

They have provided rescue services to 13,000 pets and equines in need since its inception.

Their low-cost veterinary services have performed a total of 25,000 procedures for pets in need. This includes basic care, spay/neuter, vaccinations, dentals, and other procedures.

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Their Mission

They promote healthy environments where people and animals can interact and connect through applied, educational, and environmental programs that promote mental health and physical well-being.


Community Food Bank

For Low-Income Families who need pet food, please fill out an application for assistance here.

Disaster Response and Cruelty Help

Denkai’s certified team helps in disaster response to animal-related incidents and works in conjunction with the local and national agencies.

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Animal Intake

Pets and animals end up in Denkai due to overloaded shelters as owners surrender them, cruelty cases, and off of the Native American Indian Reservations around the Four Corners area.

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