Dental Grants in Mississippi

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Mississippi provides Dental Grants for Low Income Adults to several programs in order to increase access to dental services for those in underserved areas.

These grants are approved to prevent and control oral diseases, improve oral health, and help residents of Mississippi keep a healthy smile.

The Mississippi Dental Association (MDA), American Dental Association (ADA), and several other organizations work together in order to make dental services accessible for those living in underprivileged areas and communities.

Dental Grants in Mississippi

The federal, state, and local governments are making every effort to maintain healthy oral health of those living in Mississippi.

The government is not the only one who plays a role in preventing and controlling oral health problems in the region. Local dentists and private clinics are also involved.

Along with support from MDA and ADA, the Mississippi State Department of Health (MSDH) has already launched many programs to help children, families, and adults avoid dental problems.

However, all of these programs have one main focus: to support low-income families, underserved communities, and rural areas.

The professional staff members of the MSDH-run programs provide assistance to the residents through health clinics, and educate them about the benefits that good oral hygiene can bring.

The Mississippi Dental Association (MDA) is a professional association that includes more than 60% of Mississippi’s licensed dentists. And, they support local families and individuals in preventing various oral diseases.

In fact, volunteers from the MDA are also members of the ADA. These program members have offered their services to:

  • Improve the oral health of as many residents of Mississippi as possible
  • Inspire students to consider dentistry in order to help more families and areas.
  • Offer education, training, and services to the public

Are You Eligible For Dental Grants in Mississippi?

Although many organizations and dental help programs are available to help people, it is not possible for everyone to receive free or reduced-cost treatment.

Therefore, the programs have established guidelines that will allow only qualified applicants to receive dental services.

Individuals who seek assistance from volunteer dental clinics must meet certain requirements to receive the dental services. Otherwise, a letter will be sent denying the request.

Numerous volunteer dentists throughout the region have decided to provide free or low-cost dental care to patients who are eligible.

If you want to verify that you meet the requirements for dental grants, please refer to the guidelines below.

The various organizations and programs will approve the dental grants only if:

  • You are medically compromised (please include the documentation in your application)
  • You are 65 years old or older
  • You have a permanent disability
  • You do not earn enough to cover the costs of the complete treatment

Keep in mind that only those who meet these criteria can apply for dental grants.

Important Notes:

  1. Volunteer dentists don’t provide treatment for those who aren’t eligible for dental grants.
  2. In any dental program, dental professionals do not provide emergency dental services.

Application Process

You need to fill out an application form to get the treatment if you are eligible for the dental grants according to the set criteria. Qualified applicants may apply for free or reduced- cost dental treatment from the Donated Dentistry Services (DDS) program.

The eligibility criteria listed on this website can be used to verify if you qualify for dental treatment.

The application form to receive dental grants in Mississippi is available here:

For veterans, if you meet the established criteria, you need to fill the form here:

Please refer to the FAQs for any assistance in filling out the application form.

Types of Dental Grants

The associations offer dental grants to make dental services accessible for those who are most in need.

The data on Donated Dental Services (DDS) website shows that there are over 250 dentists volunteering and 35 dental laboratories in Mississippi available to assist those who qualify for dental treatment.

Additionally, approximately 2,700 Mississippi patients have been treated by the DDS program with collected donations of $7.6M.

The Mississippi Mission of Mercy (MS MOM) also destroyed data from their 2019 MSMOM program, where more than 170 dentists were involved in treating 590 patients.

Make sure to check the list of Dental Help Programs and Volunteer Dental Clinics providing reduced and low-cost dental treatment here:

Cosmetic Dental Grants in Mississippi

There are many programs and associations that offer cosmetic dental grants in Mississippi. This is because most insurance plans and dental insurance don’t cover it.

Hence, many underprivileged residents choose to apply for dental grants to help with their cosmetic dentistry treatment.

Cosmetic dental procedures include:

  • Contouring
  • Cleaning
  • Whitening
  • Crowns
  • Dentures
  • Invisalign
  • Bridges, and more

This is quite similar to the cosmetic Dental Grants in Michigan.

Dental Implant Grants in Mississippi

Dental implants, just like cosmetic dentistry, are not covered by most insurance plans. Thus, low-income families and individuals choose to apply for dental grants to cover this expensive treatment.

However, it is important to confirm with your local dentist if the tooth replacements (implants) are covered by the grants.

This is quite similar to the implant Dental Grants in Missouri.

Free Dental Implants Clinical Trials

Dental schools in Mississippi conduct clinical trials to continue research studies. These trials are designed to improve medical knowledge for dentistry science, and to offer the most effective patient care and treatment.

Several dental help programs support schools and universities to organize these types of trials to discover new devices, new treatments, and find new methods to lower the risk of developing oral diseases.

Non-profit dental care organizations coordinate these free clinical trials for dental implants in order for students to continue their research studies, while also providing low-cost implant treatment. Therefore, this is a great way to save money on dental work that would otherwise be very expensive.

The clinical trials are not open to everyone in Mississippi, however, because organizations establish a set of criteria.

Also, researchers and dental students require patients with specific oral conditions for the treatments.

To ensure the safety of the patients, the entire dental treatment process is carried out under the guidance of qualified professionals. This is due to the risk involved in research-based treatments.

Participation in clinical trials for dental implants is entirely up to you. Dentistry students conduct these procedures on real patients in order to determine the best and most effective treatment method.

However, these clinical trials are absolutely safe since experienced dentists and other professionals adhere to the guidelines and protocols.

For more information regarding dental implants clinical trials in Mississippi, check this website:

To find the active dental implants clinical trials organized by The University of Mississippi Medical Center, click here