Disability Grants in Louisiana

Last Updated on August 23, 2023 by Hannah Stevens

Louisiana residents have access to disability grants to help cover the cost of leasing or purchasing a wheelchair van, or having handicapped accessibility conversions made. State-based organizations offer financial aid for a used or new handicap van. There are some allocated funds for accessibility modifications, such as access ramps, scooter or wheelchair lifts, turning automotive seating systems, and hand controls for adaptive driving.

Below are Louisiana state agencies and organizations that provide other funds or grants for disabled people. They also assist with finding and securing financial assistance. These are important resources for residents of the state who need help getting handicapped-accessible transportation. Visit their websites to find out more about the financial assistance available for a wheelchair van.

Furthermore, don’t forget that Louisiana chapters of foundations, associations, and charitable organizations are great places to go to for additional assistance. They may be able to direct you towards other resources, or provide financial assistance directly if you are qualified.

Sources for Louisiana Disability Grants and Assistance

Area Agency on Aging (AAA), State of Louisiana

The Governor’s Office of Elderly Affairs is where the AAA operates. It serves as a point of entry for many services that the state offers to its senior citizens, and it is a valuable resource for anyone looking for assistance. You can find out where you can get financial assistance for a handicap van for yourself or an elderly loved one. Visit your county office.

Louisiana Aging and Disability Resource Centers (ADRCs)

Every US state has multiple ADRCs. They provide an all-encompassing and up-to-date information and support. Be sure to get in touch early when you’re looking for disability grants for a handicapped-accessible vehicle.

Contact Information:

(877) 340-9100

[email protected]

These ADRCs are the same as the similarly named Disability Grants in Kentucky.

Louisiana Assistive Technology Access Network (LATAN)

LATAN aims to assist the elderly and disabled residents of Louisiana to obtain assistive technology to facilitate an independent and meaningful lifestyle. You can find different services, and you may learn the most favorable disability grants for a wheelchair van.

Contact Information:

3042 Old Forge Drive, Suite D

Baton Rouge, LA 70808

(255) 925-9500 or toll free (800) 270-6185

[email protected]

Louisiana Department of Veterans Affairs (DVA)

The Louisiana State DVA has been working tirelessly since 1944 to provide all benefits and support for resident veterans. Usually, veterans who become disabled or increasingly disabled while in service or under VA-sponsored care can be eligible for disability grants. Ask the DVA how they can help you obtain a handicap van.

Contact Information:

P.O. Box 94095

Baton Rouge, LA 70804

(225) 219-5000

[email protected]

Louisiana Developmental Disabilities Council (DDC)

Louisiana’s DDC is the state’s branch of a nationwide network of DDCs. It exists to help the local population with developmental disabilities. It offers many forms of support and direct disability grants. The Governor appoints council members from all parts of the state. Many of them have a developmental disability themselves, or lives with a family member who does.

Contact Information:

P.O. Box 3455

626 Main Street, Suite A

Baton Rouge, LA 70821-3455

(225) 342-6804 or toll free (800) 450-8108

Louisiana Statewide Independent Living Council (SILC)

The SILC of Louisiana supports the efforts to make Louisiana’s disabled population to have independence with the capacities for self-determination and self-fulfillment. The Council has the contacts and resources at their disposal to provide information to find financial assistance for your accessible vehicle, or conversions and equipment.

Governor’s Office of Disability Affairs

Contact Information:

P.O. Box 94004

Baton Rouge, LA 70804

(225) 219-7553 or toll free (800) 579-5611

Louisiana Vocational Rehabilitation (VR)

VR is the State’s Rehabilitation Services flagship program. This is a “one-stop career program” that aims to help Louisiana’s disabled get work. This agency might provide disability grants to those who require handicapped-friendly transportation to find and get to work.

Contact Information:

627 N 4th Street

Baton Rouge, LA 70802

(225) 219-2225 or toll free (800) 737-2958

This is similar to the VR Disability Grants in Maine.

Southwest Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Center

There are 10 branches within the National Network of ADA Centers that serve specific geographical areas. This office is available for persons with disabilities living in Louisiana. It is the office you should first contact when you are looking for payment options for your wheelchair van, or accessories and modifications.

Contact Information:

2323 S. Shepherd, #1000

Houston, TX 77019

(713) 520-0232 or toll free (800) 949-4232

[email protected]