Disability Grants in Mississippi

Last Updated on August 23, 2023 by Hannah Stevens

Finding the right disability grants to pay for a wheelchair van can be a difficult process. However, this list will make things much easier for you, and all other persons with disabilities living in Mississippi. Below are the top choices. These state departments, nonprofits, and other organizations offer Mississippi grants for disabled people or assistance in finding them (or both).

Mississippi disability grants are available to help you purchase or lease a new handicap van , or if you require adaptive driving conversions or accessibility for your vehicle. Contact these state organizations that provide services for people with disabilities. Charitable foundations and other organizations offer financial assistance and valuable guidance to help you secure other funding.

Sources for Mississippi Disability Grants and Assistance

Mississippi Aging and Disability Resource Centers (ADRCs)

The state’s ADRCs can answer questions regarding monetary assistance to acquire an accessible vehicle for the elderly or disabled residents of Mississippi. You can also get a lot of reliable information about the benefits and services that you might be eligible for. 

Mississippi Area Agencies on Aging (AAA)

This is a great place to start if you are looking for a wheelchair van due to age-related physical difficulties.

Mississippi Department of Rehabilitation Services (MDRS)

MDRS is a State department that helps persons with disability living in Mississippi to start and sustain a career. The Department might provide you a disability grant if a wheelchair van is necessary to enable you to travel to work.

Contact Information:

P.O. Box 1698

Jackson, MS 39215

Mississippi Statewide Independent Living Center (SILC)

SILC’s mission is to enable Mississippians with disabilities to live independently and participate in their community. However, this is not a place where you can directly apply for grant money. Instead, it is a place where you can get expert guidance about funding assistance options.

Mississippi Veterans Affairs Board (VAB)

The VAB stands ready to assist disabled veterans of the United States who reside in Mississippi get the benefits they are due in return for their service. If your limited mobility is due from enlistment, you may be qualified for a disability grant for a handicapped-friendly vehicle.

Contact Information:

P.O. Box 5947

Pearl, MS 39288-5947

(601) 576-4850

This is covering the same areas as the Missouri Veterans Commission Disability Grants in Missouri.

Project START

Project START (Success Through Assistive Rehabilitative Technology) provides information and resources to help consumers make informed choices about assistive technology, and be better equipped to obtain it when they need it. Contact them to inquire about financial assistance for your accessible van.

Contact Information:

P.O. Box 1698

Jackson, MS 39215-1698

(601) 987-4872 or (800) 852-8328

[email protected]

This is similar to the STAR Disability Grants in Minnesota.