Disability Grants in South Carolina

Last Updated on August 22, 2023 by Hannah Stevens

You’ve found the right place if you need a handicap van for yourself or someone you love, and you live in South Carolina. Below is a list of resources that can help you get disability grants to buy or lease a new or used wheelchair van, or convert your vehicle into an accessible vehicle with hand controls for adaptive controls or special equipment.

Some of these agencies and state departments may offer financial assistance to persons with disabilities who live in South Carolina. Even if they don’t offer money, these organizations can help you find all available disability grants. The volunteers or staff at these groups can point you in the right direction to many opportunities that you might not have discovered on your own.

Furthermore, South Carolina branches of national nonprofit foundations and other associations dedicated to your particular cause of limited mobility should be considered. These are great sources for important information and grants for disabled people.

Sources for South Carolina Disability Grants and Assistance

Family Connection South of Carolina

Family Connection is the right place to go if you are looking for a handicapped-friendly ride for your child with disabilities. It is a group that aims to foster a positive environment for families and shares information and resources. Although you won’t receive grant money, this group is highly recommended and worth your time.

Contact Information:

2712 Middleburg Drive

Suite 103

Columbia, SC 29204

(803) 252-0914

[email protected]

South Carolina Aging and Disability Resource Centers (ADRCs)

The ADRCs were created as a nationwide effort to provide a single point of access for all-encompassing and up-to-date information about benefits for elderly and disabled citizens. Each state has several offices, and you can click the link above to find the one closest to you. Simply click on your county on the interactive map of South Carolina.

South Carolina Area Agencies on Aging (AAA)

This directory contains a list of all South Carolina’s AAA offices, as well as the regions they cover. The Agency can help you or your loved one get a wheelchair van to improve independence and freedom.

South Carolina Assistive Technology Program (SCATP)

SCATP is a federally funded program that helps disabled South Carolina residents to access assistive technology. It’s designed to help them live, learn, work, play, and lead better, independent lives. You may contact SCATP to help you afford a handicap van, or accessibility equipment and modifications.

Contact Information:

Midlands Center

8301 Farrow Rd.

Columbia SC 29203

(803) 935-5263 or (800) 915-4522

South Carolina Developmental Disabilities Council (DDC)

The DDC of South Carolina was established in 1971. The Federal government funds it through the Developmental Disabilities Act. It facilitates community participation and integration for residents of the state with developmental disabilities and their families. This council does this in many different ways, including providing grant money.

Contact Information:

1205 Pendleton St., Suite 450

Columbia, SC 29201

(803) 734-0465

[email protected]

South Carolina Vocational Rehabilitation Department (VRD)

The VRD in South Carolina aims to maximize the capabilities of residents with disabilities, particularly by helping them find gainful work. If you require a wheelchair van to be able to work, the department might grant you a disability grant to afford one.

Contact Information:

(803) 896-6500 or (800) 832-7526

This is very similar to the rehabilitation Disability Grants in Rhode Island.

South Carolina State Office of Veterans’ Affairs (OVA)

The OVA of South Carolina represents over 400,000 South Carolina residents who served in the US Military. Contact the OVA if you’re one of them, and if your impairments are a result of your service, or care provided under the auspices of the VA. You may qualify for a disability grant you can use to lease, buy or modify a handicapped-accessible vehicle.

Contact Information:

1205 Pendleton Street, Suite 463

Columbia, SC 29201

(803) 734-0200

[email protected]

This is similar to the VA Disability Grants in South Dakota.

South Carolina Statewide Independent Living Council (SILC)

SILC is a great resource for information and guidance regarding your financial assistance options when you are looking to improve your independence. However, the council does not offer disability grants themselves.

Contact Information:

136 Stonemark Lane, Suite 100

Columbia, SC 29210

(803) 217-3209 or (800) 994-4322

[email protected]