Disability Grants in Texas

Last Updated on August 23, 2023 by Hannah Stevens

It can be difficult to afford a wheelchair van. The same thing applies even if your goal is just to make your van more accessible or adaptable. Fortunately, there are many disability grants available in Texas, and there is plenty of assistance finding them for residents. This article is one of those that wants to help.

Therefore, this contains collected and compiled resources below. This list includes Texas State government agencies and other entities that provide financial assistance themselves, or help people learn about financial aid options. There are those who offer both. You may contact these networks and organizations to  find all monetary aid that is available to you.

Furthermore, don’t forget to contact Texas chapters for national nonprofits or other groups that support people with disabilities. Many of them offer grants for disabled people, and they can direct you to additional funding.

Sources for Texas Disability Grants and Assistance

Fleetwood Memorial Foundation

The Fleetwood Memorial Foundation offers grants without strings attached to Texas State Police officers and firefighters who have been injured in the line-of-duty. Contact the Foundation if you are experiencing mobility problems as a direct result of your work.

Contact Information:

501 South Fielder Rd.

Arlington, Texas 76013

(817) 825-6699

Texas Aging and Disabilities Resource Centers (ADRCs)

The Texas ADRCs are part of a national network of ADRCs dedicated to helping the elderly and disabled in every way possible. They can help you find financial aid or disability grants to purchase, lease, or convert a wheelchair van or handicap vehicle.

Texas Area Agencies on Aging (AAA)

The Texas AAA provides assistance to seniors in many ways. There are many offices throughout the state. Therefore, your local office can assist you or your loved one if they are aging and require mobility assistance.

Contact Information:

(800) 252-9240

This is similar to the AAA Disability Grants in Utah.

Texas Veterans Commission

This is the best place to go if you’re a disabled veteran of the United States who resides in Texas. The Veterans Commission will provide all assistance, including disability grants for those who have lost mobility as a result of service or VA-provided care.

Contact Information:

Stephen F. Austin Bldg., Suite 800

Austin, Texas 78701

(512) 463-5538 or (800) 252-8387

[email protected]

This is similar to the veterans Disability Grants in Tennessee.