Disability Grants in Utah

Last Updated on August 23, 2023 by Hannah Stevens

Do you think about how you can afford the wheelchair van that you or your loved one needs? Then, Utah disability grants could be your answer. Many groups provide financial assistance that can be used to purchase or lease a used or new handicap van. It can also be used for modifications and accessories, such as wheelchair/scooter lifts, lowered flooring, swiveling and lowering seats, or adaptive driving hand controls.

However, where might you find these disability grants in Utah? This page is the answer to this question. Below is a compilation of the most promising sources. You will learn about state-run government divisions and organizations that offer funding assistance, or work exclusively in guiding and helping people apply for financial aid. But, keep in mind that a lot of them offer both, and you may apply for more than one grant from more than one source.

Furthermore, the state branches of non-profit organizations dedicated to specific disabilities are great resources. Many of these organizations provide assistance in finding other sources, and many offer grants for disabled people.

Sources for Utah Disability Grants and Assistance

Rocky Mountain Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Center

This ADA Center provides assistance for disabled residents of the Rocky Mountain region, which includes Utah. The National Institute on Disability and Rehabilitation Research funds it. Talk to staff about your situation, and ask for assistance in applying for disability grants that can be used for a handicap van.

Contact Information:

3630 Sinton Road, Suite 103

Colorado Springs. CO 80907

(719) 444-0268

This is the same as the ADA Disability Grants in Vermont.

Utah Aging and Disability Resource Centers (ADRCs)

The link above will take you to an interactive map for Utah. Then, find the ADRC for your county. You’ll find useful and current information without having to go through red tape or be sent around in circles. This organization is the most well-equipped to help you find out about funding options for a handicapped-friendly van.

Contact Information:

ADRC Administrative Office

10 S. 2000 E. Room 3525

Salt Lake City, UT 84112

This is the same as the ADRCs Disability Grants in Texas.

Utah Area Agencies on Aging (AAA)

AAA assists the elderly in many ways. Senior citizens can enjoy independence and continue socialization with their support and services. For more information, contact a certified mobility consultant or read more on the AAA’s website.

Contact Information:

195 North 1950 West

Salt Lake City, Utah 84116

(877) 424-47640 or (801) 538-3910

Utah Assistive Technology Program (UATP)

UATP is available to assist disabled residents in Utah to understand and to acquire assistive technology that will improve their lives. This is a great way to find out about your opportunities for financial assistance for accessibility equipment and conversions or wheelchair vans.

Contact Information:

6855 Old Main Hill

Logan, UT 84322-6855

(435) 797-3824 or (800) 524-5152

Utah Department of Veterans Affairs (DVA)

Are you a veteran who was disabled while in military service or under VA-provided care? Then, you may be eligible for a disability grant to pay for a handicap van from your state’s DVA. The US veterans residing in Utah must contact this agency.

Contact Information:

550 Foothill Blvd. #202

Salt Lake City, UT 84113

(801) 326-2372 or (800) 894-9497

[email protected]

Utah Developmental Disabilities Council (DDC)

DDC in Utah supports independence, self-determination, and community inclusion of residents with developmental disabilities and their families residing in the state. It is part of a national network, and it adheres to Federal guidelines for identifying developmental disability. You can find out more about the process of applying for a disability grant.

Contact Information:

155 S. 300 W. Suite 100

Salt Lake City, UT 84101

(801) 533-3965

Utah Statewide Independent Living Council (SILC)

Utah SILC is a non-profit advocacy group supporting disabled people across the state. The SILC does not offer funding assistance. However, the Council can offer many suggestions.

Contact Information:

150 South 600 East Suite 5C

Salt Lake City, UT 84102

(801) 463-1592

Utah Vocational Rehabilitation (VR)

The Utah State Office of Rehabilitation’s VR program can help you if a job and earning a living are impossible for you because of mobility issues. It was established to help residents with disabilities gain financial independence and financial security with employment. It also offers grants money to help with transportation costs, among other services.

Contact Information:

(801) 538-7530 or (800) 473-7530