Essential but Excluded Fund

Last Updated on August 22, 2023 by Hannah Stevens

The “Essential but Excluded Fund” offers emergency support through member groups and FLIC’s hotline for families affected by the Covid-19 pandemic and economic crisis.

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Why did FLIC create this fund?

Low-income immigrants are especially vulnerable to a crisis in public health, regardless of whether they have a temporary status, such as DACA or TPS, or they are currently undocumented. They are at high risk due to a systemic shortage of healthcare and financial distress as a result of their exploitation and insecure employment.

Covid-19 Exposure: Florida’s key frontline industries depend on immigrant workers. More than sixty percent (60%) of farm workers, and nearly half (50%) of home health care assistants include an immigrant workforce. A quarter (25%) of the nurses at the frontline for this pandemic were born outside of the United States. Not only are immigrants over-represented on the medical frontlines keeping us healthy, but there are also significant numbers who are exposed to the virus while struggling to make a living in warehouses, grocery stores, and delivery services.

Socioeconomic Vulnerability: Immigrants dominate Florida’s tourism and service industries. And, as such, the stay-at-home mandate is affecting their ability to work. Many workers, from housekeepers to nail technicians, have no access to paid time off. Even more troubling, they are not eligible to receive unemployment benefits, and remain excluded from federal relief programs.

The socioeconomic consequences of the pandemic are devastating for low-income families, and more so for those who live at the intersection of poverty and immigration. FLIC’s “Essential but Excluded Fund” is an attempt at minimizing suffering while they continue their efforts to transform the structural inequality which generates so much precarity.

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What will the funds be used for?

All (100%) of the funds will be used to offer direct support to immigrant families in Florida, who are not eligible for federal assistance or unemployment benefits. FLIC has committed to:

  • Coordinating local distribution with coalition members, who will file access needs and requests in a timely fashion.
  • Engagement of local and national donors, partners, and allies in reliable and effective community assistance.
  • Building power, not charity. The service infrastructure is an extension of movement building efforts, and the funds will be distributed in ways that empower immigrant communities.

How to support the fund?

Donations are being accepted through

All donations are tax deductible.

Who is eligible to apply for emergency assistance?

The intended audience is immigrants living in Florida who are experiencing hardships due to Covid-19, and those who are ineligible for unemployment benefits or the federal stimulus package. Currently, FLIC members and people who take part in activities organized by FLIC or the coalition members are eligible to apply for the Fund. As soon as funds allow, the Fund will be open to other immigrants.

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How to apply for emergency assistance?

To file a request, eligible applicants should contact their participating FLIC member organization (see below). If approved, households will be eligible to receive up to $500 in emergency aid.

American Friends Service CommitteeFriends of Miami Dade DetaineesRedlands Christian Migrant Association
Family Action Network MovementMiami Worker CenterRural Women Health Project
Farmworkers Association of FloridaQLatinxWe Count!

THE APPLICATION DOESN’T REQUIRE CURRENT IMMIGATION STATUS. But, applicants should demonstrate their hardship.

How can individuals access other forms of Covid-19 assistance?

Those who are currently ineligible to apply for assistance from FLIC’s Essential but Excluded Fund may still access the Covid-19 page to find information and resources compiled by FLIC.

The following resources currently available are:

  1. 1-888-600-5762 Hotline
  2. Online naturalization services
  3. Online voter registration

Can donations be designated to a specific organization or group?

FLIC, as a coalition, is committed to supporting all member organizations on a basis of strategic priorities. Therefore, designated donations are discouraged. Here are available Covid-19 designated funds that you can use if you need to:

  1. Farmworkers Association of Florida (FWAF)
  2. Friends of Miami-Dade Detainees (FOMDD)
  3. We Count!
  4. Central FL LGBTQ+ Relief Fund