Foundation for Care of Indigent Animals (FCIA)

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About the Foundation for Care of Indigent Animals (FCIA)

The Foundation for Care of Indigent Animals is a small, 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. It is 100% staffed by dedicated volunteers. Penny Adams founded FCIA in 1982. She has been tirelessly dedicated to the rescue and care for companion animals in distress for 25+ years.

FCIA accepts small, adoptable dogs that are in desperate need of care and would otherwise been euthanized. Many animals come to us from different sources. Some animals were rescued from San Diego County shelters. And some were surrendered to them by their owners due to loss of their homes, or the death or illness of their primary caregivers. These dogs receive medical care as needed, compassionate foster homes, and lots of love and attention. They do everything possible to find forever homes for these pets.

They also provide emergency veterinarian services to low-income individuals. This is the main purpose of their annual expenditures. The annual spending includes veterinarian care for animals in County shelters, over and above which these shelters can provide so these animals can be adopted or given to rescue groups. They work in conjunction with nearly all animal rescue groups in San Diego County, as well as some outside the county.

FCIA Mission Statement

The Foundation for the Care of Indigent Animals (FCIA) rescues small homeless dogs that are already scheduled for euthanasia. They also address their medical needs and find them loving homes.

The FCIA covers the cost of veterinarian care for cats and dogs at shelters in cities, beyond what shelters can provide.

FCIA also helps animals in need of critical veterinarian attention in the following situations:

  1. The owner is at the poverty line
  2. The owner faces catastrophic fees
  3. Good Samaritan to help a lost or abandoned pet

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