Free Grants and Loans for Minority and Women Owned Businesses in Montana

Last Updated on August 23, 2023 by Hannah Stevens

Lenders, corporations, government agencies, and nonprofits in Montana offer either low interest loans or free grants to minorities, or other disadvantaged business owners, as well as grants for women owned businesses. All financial assistance is combined with coaching, mentoring, workshops, and other support. Below, you can find out where and how you can get a small business loan or grant.

Funds are available for all qualified small businesses or entrepreneurs, but some assistance programs are focused on Latino, LGBTQ+, Black, or veteran owned businesses. It is intended to assist someone in starting a business or growing one. Grants and interest-free loans are available along with additional support. These programs can also provide free legal assistance, marketing advice, and tips for creating a business plan.

Grants or Loans for Minorities and Women in Montana

This is an up to date list containing financial and other resources for business development. Locate banks and companies that offer loans, grants, or other support. These resources can also help you get financial advice or financial aid.

Ongoing Programs

Prospera Business Network

Prospera Business Network is a state-wide resource available for women owned businesses and female entrepreneurs. The Prospera Montana Women’s Business Center is available Black, Veteran, LGBTQ+, and women owned companies. There are funds issued, including microloans. However, counselors, volunteers and staff offer other support, too. They also offer networking opportunities, business plan development, use of computers, free coaching from female business owners, and more.

This programme is similar to one of the free grants and loans for minority and women owned businesses in Missouri, the Sharp End Entrepreneurial Development Fund.

It is also similar to one of the free grants and loans for minority and women owned businesses in Nevada, the Audacity Fund Reno.