Free Grants and Loans for Minority and Women Owned Businesses in Pennsylvania

Last Updated on August 23, 2023 by Hannah Stevens

Pennsylvania grants and loans are available for entrepreneurs, small to mid-sized businesses, and start-ups. There are funds available for Black, Asians, women, LGBTQ+, and other disadvantaged groups owned or managed businesses. Below are some ways and places to find funds in your area. The state government of Pennsylvania, with the federal government, may provide assistance in conjunction with credit unions, corporations, foundations, banks, nonprofits, and other organizations.

All business owners are qualified to apply for the Pennsylvania loan, mentoring, and free grant programs. However, these programs have allocated funds for women and/or minority owned businesses. Therefore, every lender, bank, or company has committed a sum of money for women, Black owned businesses, Latinos, and other groups. They are eligible for certain funds to assist them. Several Pennsylvania programs offer more than cash loans or grants for women owned businesses. They also offer counseling, mentoring, sales support, and many other services. Furthermore, financial help for BIPOC (Black Indigenous, and People of Color) and MWBE owned businesses in Pennsylvania are given priority.

Many of the programs that support minorities, women and veterans, Black and Latinos, and other small businesses, are located in major cities like Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Allentown, and others. There is also funding available. You can get free marketing advice, counseling and technical support throughout the state.

Loans and Free Grants for Minority or Women Businesses in Pennsylvania

This list of loan and free grant assistance for minorities and women is up to date. Funds are available in all major cities, including Philadelphia, Pittsburgh and Harrisburg, as well as other towns and cities throughout the state. Moreover, these funds are open for application to Black business owners, women, and other disadvantaged groups.

Year Round Free Financial Assistance, Grant or Loan Programs, and Business Coaching

Chatham University’s (in Pittsburgh) Center for Women’s Entrepreneurship 

The city has a number of resources, including the Center for Women’s Entrepreneurship at Chatham University (in Pittsburgh). Learn more about the legal structure of a business, capital raising, including loans from lenders or government grants. They also provide assistance with digital marketing, web development, sales tips, and more. Get a list of the available services through clicking the link above.

Kiva Microloans

Kiva Microloans are offered throughout Pennsylvania. The lender collaborates with various nonprofits and government agencies to assist with the applications. These loans are available at 0% interest. The loans are also used to help any small business, whether it is a new or an existing one that has been operating for several years. The goal of the loan is to assist the underserved, which includes women, veterans, and minority owned businesses, in obtaining the capital they require.

Pennsylvania Chamber for Black Owned Business (PACBOB)

A statewide organization that focuses on Black owned businesses. They collaborate with the state, the federal government, and the local African American Chambers of Commerce. This organization offers training, grant or loan programs, technical assistance, counseling or free business coaching, and more. They also assist Black owned businesses in obtaining government expenditures.

Paramount Pursuits

Paramount Pursuits help businesses in Pittsburgh, including microlams. They are an incubator that focuses on MWBE and other businesses involved in “main street revitalization.” Moreover, the incubator is a Kiva Trustee. They meet with every client and applicant to help assess their needs, and find resources, such as grants, financial aid or loans. Also, they provide assistance with marketing, and more. Check the link above to learn about the agency.

This is quite similar to one of the free grants and loans for minority and women owned businesses in Rhode Island, the Providence Minority and Women Owned Business Enterprise.

I Made It Market

I Made It Market is open for creative businesses in Pittsburgh. This organization is a Trustee of Kiva which provides 0% interest rate loans. They also help organic businesses, farmers, artists, painters, arts and craft companies, and more. Furthermore, the free loans can be combined with counseling, marketing or sales assistance to help small MWBE businesses grow.

Pittsburgh Hispanic Development Corporation 

This corporation offers 0% interest rate loans as part of its role as a Kiva Trustee. They also act as a business incubator for Latino/Hispanic businesses located in Pittsburgh. The non-profit offers a variety of programs, including financial assistance to assist with cash flow projections, accounting marketing assistance, and more. The Pittsburgh Hispanic Development Corporations is a multifaceted non-profit that offers many services to the community. 

This is quite similar to one of the free grants and loans for minority and women owned businesses in Oregon, the Oregon Association of Minority Entrepreneurs (OAME).

Pro Disinfect

The Enterprise Center in West Philadelphia runs a program known as Pro Disinfect. It provides financial assistance and other support for the Black and Brown minority businesses. They may receive assistance in applying for loans, counseling, back office support, venture capital, and more. Moreover, these loans have an extremely low APR (zero – 2%), and may help businesses with the funds they require. You may click the link above for additional support and information.

Wilkinsburg Community Development Corporation 

The Wilkinsburg Community Development Corporation exclusively assists businesses located in Wilkinsburg. They provide assistance for entrepreneurs and/or small business owners in obtaining 0% interest rate microloans through Kiva. Furthermore, the non-profit’s goal is to revitalize the region. So, they offer financial assistance from loans, free business coaching, and more. Their other priority is to ensure that disadvantaged companies, including those of minority, women and veteran owned businesses, receive the funds they require.

WISE Women 

WISE Women is a non-profit organization that focuses exclusively in Blair County. They offer grants for scholarships, information about starting a business, recognizing and highlighting women owned businesses, and other support for females. You can call 814-822-0332 to learn more.

Women’s Opportunities Resource Center (WORC) 

Women’s Opportunities Resource Center (WORC) is located in Philadelphia, and it is a CDFI. They not only offer loans at a low interest rate (or 0% APR), but also help in other ways. They also provide credit counseling, job programs, business training, self-employment resources, and more. Furthermore, they prioritize women from all races, including those with low incomes, or in disadvantaged areas.