Ginger’s Legacy

Last Updated on August 21, 2023 by Hannah Stevens

You can also take a look at the pet grants from all the other states.

Are you looking for help with unexpected medical bills that your pet may have?

The Cartwright Foundation provides financial assistance to responsible pet owners in the greater Denver/Front Range, Colorado area for unexpected medical or surgical expenses for their pet(s), which when without this assistance, the pet’s well-being or life are at risk. The initial $300 for medical treatment or surgery must be covered by the pet owner. Then, the Foundation will cover up an additional $500 for medical treatment or $1,000 for surgical procedures. If the medical costs exceed these amounts, the Foundation will cover 50% of additional costs up to a maximum payment of $750 for medical care or $1,500 for surgical treatment. Any costs beyond these amounts are the responsibility of the pet owner.

The Foundation also assists qualified pet owners with understanding the financial, personal, and post-treatment responsibilities that are necessary to ensure the success of their pet’s treatment. They work with the pet’s regular veterinarian, treating veterinarians, and a veterinary advisory team to help give the crucial treatments needed to get a positive outcome for a pet that has a good prognosis with medical treatment.

You can also take a look at Ark-Valley Humane Society and For Pets’ Sake Humane Society.