Grants For Single Fathers: What Are The Benefits And How To Get Financial Aid?

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Single fathers, like single mothers, are one of the people who have the most difficult job in the world: to take care and raise a child. Taking care of a child, ensuring that one will keep a roof over their heads, feed them thrice a day, cater to their needs comes with a lot of expenses needed to be paid. Especially if one is a student, things may be too difficult to pay their child’s needs while at the same time paying for their tuition. Grants for single fathers are a great way to help low-income single fathers. These grants will help them provide financial support for what they need. In this article, I will be talking about what those grants are.

How do grants for single fathers work?

Single fathers are responsible for all of the family’s expenses. They are the ones who need to find jobs to care for their families. They are put under as much pressure as single mothers do. Grants for single fathers will help them overcome the difficulties of taking care of a child, let alone pay for all their necessities. These grants are sponsored by the government, non-profit and private organizations. These grants specifically reward single fathers’ financial support for their families and the eligibility of these grants varies depending on the qualifications needed for them to process. The financial support is given away to single fathers for free as per the government’s rules and regulations.

Being a single parent is not an easy job. It can be just as taxing as working in an office. It consumes both of your time and effort, and most of the time, they don’t have time left to take care of themselves. It’s a puzzle single parents must solve, but it’s a puzzle that has too many puzzle pieces scrambled everywhere in their house. The medical bills, their health care, and child care, their education, etc. are way too expensive for a single parent to provide alone for their children. Not to mention, there are instances where their children are being stubborn and annoying that single parents would just cry out of frustration. Fortunately, in terms of financial assistance intended for the needs of their children, grants were made.

Furthermore, these grants are available across the country, and they can ask their federal agency regarding it. Additionally, the list below are the grants for single parents in every state:


  • KidsCare – Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) – They offer health insurance to the children of eligible low-income families.
  • Nutritional Assistance (NA) – This is offered to low-income single parents who will be given assistance regarding nutritional food for their children.
  • Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grants (FSEOG) – This is given to low-income single parents who wish to continue their pursuit of a bachelor’s degree.
  • Arizona Health Care Cost Containment System (AHCCCS) – It provides medical assistance to low-income adults, the elderly, and children.


  • CalFresh – This is only available in California. They offer food assistance to single parents who have a hard time procuring food for their children.
  • Summer Food Service Program (SFSP) – Their mission is to feed children the necessary nutrients they need. Moreover, they initiated a summer program for children regarding free summer meals.
  • Cal-Learn – They offer assistance to teenage parents who don’t know first thing how to take care of a child. They offer social and educational services to single teen parents.
  • Unemployment Insurance (UI) – Their target audience is low-income, unemployed individuals. They offer them jobs fit for their skills and talents.
  • Medi-Cal – They offer free or affordable medical assistance to low-income families. 


  • Energy $aving Partner program (E$P) – They offer their services such as energy assessments and weatherization assistance to low-income individuals and families. 
  • Child Health Plan Plus (CHP+) – They offer affordable healthcare to low-income families who didn’t qualify for Medicaid.
  • Head Start – It’s a program designed to teen parents and single parents regarding knowing what is childhood education and nutrition.


  • Delaware Health Children Program (DCHP) – They help low-income families settle their payments for child care. 
  • Food Supplement Program (FSP) – This is available to low-income households who have difficulty buying food. They provide nutritious foods for them to eat.
  • Child Care Subsidy – The Delaware city government has issued this program to ensure that children of low-income families be given healthcare options.


  • National School Lunch Program – This is intended for low-income students to receive free and affordable lunch meals.
  • School Breakfast Program (SBP) – This is under the program of state and local levels which aims to offer low-income students a free and affordable breakfast meal.
  • KidCare (CHIP) – This is equivalent to CHildren’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP). This program ensures that uninsured, low-income children receive benefits.


  • Free/Reduced Priced Lunch (FRL) – This program targets low-income students to have access to free and affordable lunch meals.
  • PeachCare for Kids – This is for low-income families who applied for Medicaid but were deemed not eligible and meet federal poverty income levels.


  • Gaining Early Awareness and Readiness for Undergraduate Programs – This is funded by the federal government. It aims to assist children in preparing for school and postsecondary education.
  • Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program – This is offered to low-income families who are having a hard time having access to nutritious foods.
  • Child Care Connection Hawaii – This is a subsidy program that functions depending on the applicant’s income. They provide payment for child care expenses such as food, legal matters, housing, and education.
  • Down-payment Assistance Program – This program targets not only single mothers but also low-income families who need help in paying the downpayment for their homes.


  • Howard P. Rawlings Guaranteed Access Grant – Maryland undergraduates attending independent higher schools may be eligible for the Guaranteed Access award, which is offered by the Guaranteed Access Partnership Program (GAPP). The grant can assist undergraduates with financial needs in completing their degrees by providing rewards that can pay up to the entire cost of tuition.


  • Part-Time Grant Program – The Massachusetts Department of Education has a Part-Time Grant Program that provides financial assistance to adults who want to finish their studies part-time.
  • DTA Child Care – They provide a Child Care program to qualifying low-income families who require assistance with daycare costs
  • Massachusetts MASSGrant – This is sponsored by the Massachusetts State Legislature and aims to help undergraduate students pursue their studies at a Massachusetts tertiary institution. Merits are given based on the students’ families’ contribution and what institution they are being enrolled at.
  • Transitional Aid to Families with Dependent Children – This is given to eligible low-income families with minor children to receive temporary cash loans.


  • Summer Food Service Program – The Ohio Department of Education administers a Summer Food Service Program in order to ensure that children eat nutritious foods throughout the summer vacation. If children aged 1 to 18 are registered in the SFSP program, they will receive free meals.
  • Healthy Start – Healthy Start, commonly known as the SCHIP initiative, is a children’s healthcare assistance program that is sponsored by the federal government and is part of the Medicaid program.
  • Food Assistance Program – The Ohio Food Assistance Program was established to support low-income families by providing them with extra food supplies in order to help the community avoid hunger. Many outreach activities work under the program in and around Ohio’s various counties, guaranteeing that foods are provided where they are most needed.

New Mexico

  • New Mexico Works – NM Works is a program run by the New Mexico Department of Human Resources that attempts to help low-income families whose parents are having difficulty finding or keeping jobs. The program can assist single mothers in finding appropriate work as well as give counseling to help them grow and prosper in their new roles.
  • College Affordability Grant – The College Affordability Grant, run by the Department of Higher Education, may be available to New Mexico students who demonstrate a genuine financial need. Depending on their situation and individual needs, the rewards for this student grant program might get as much as $1,000 per month to students in need.
  • New MexiKids & New MexiTeens – This is an alternative choice for single parents who weren’t eligible to be part of the Medicaid program and still want to have their children be covered with health insurance.

New York

  • Child Health Plus – The New York CH Plus program is a health-care support program for children from low-income families in New York. The program may be able to give you access to high-quality, low-cost medical and dental care.
  • State Tuition Assistance Program – They offer to pay the tuition fees for the children of single parents studying at any New York educational institution.

What are the ways to Get Grants For Single Father Fast?

These grants are a way for single fathers to manage their families’ needs and expenses. Single fathers who are in dire need of financial support that has a lot to do with food, housing, education, etc. The government and non-profit and private organizations can immediately act upon their cause. Being honest about their situation will help them to get these organizations to take the initiative on their behalf. Moreover, the deliverance of these single fathers’ situations in sympathy will guarantee the rapid procession of obtaining their grants quickly.

 What are the Housing Grants for single fathers?

Planning and buying a house can be frustrating when one does not have the means to buy a house. The housing grants for single fathers provide them with the assistance they need in procuring a house for themselves and their families. The housing grants demonstrate the opportunities single fathers will need when it comes to financial support. It does not only cater to the processing of procuring a house but comes with it are financial support that can be used to spend on food, clothing, insurance, education, etc.

Furthermore, the following list contains the housing grants for single fathers:

  • HUD Rental Assistance – This grant ensures that single fathers living in rental houses are not in danger of getting evicted out of the house. The financial support it gives for single fathers goes directly to their landlords and the ones who will pay the rent.
  • Section 8 Voucher – This grant is another rent assistance that will pay the house rent. This is only strictly available for single fathers who earn low-income. To be eligible for this grant single fathers are required to have less than 80% of their annual gross income and are subject to an interview of why they are deserving of receiving this voucher.
  • The Continuum of Care Program – This grant is funded by the state government that assists single fathers who got evicted from their rental house. The program aims to offer single fathers a house on a lease basis and ensure the rehabilitation and relocation of the house.
  • Government Subsidized Housing – Similar to the objectives of the section 8 voucher, this grant is the one that will pay for the house rent of single fathers. Moreover, they also help in finding an affordable house for low-income people at an affordable price.
  • Public Housing – These grants are designed for low-income single fathers to acquire. This is sponsored by the government to ensure the children have a safety net to live on.
  • State Grants – This grant is offered to single fathers who failed to get any housing assistance. This is established by a non-profit organization that aims to give financial support and house to low-income single fathers.

List of Basic Need grants for single fathers?

The basic need grants for single fathers ensure that their expenses for their necessities are covered by these basic need grants. It is designed to give single fathers the financial support they need to pay for the expenses in terms of education, medical, etc. These basic need grants will not only lessen the burden of financial constraints single fathers face but will also help them move forward in their lives.

Furthermore, the following list contains the basic need grants for single fathers:

  • Local Department of Family and Children – This grant is covered by the Federal government that offers financial support to pay for utility bills, food assistance, and house rent. The Federal government has various programs under this grant that caters to various aid for single fathers’ basic needs.
  • Local Churches – This grant is funded by the government that, similar to the objectives of the Local Department of Family and Children, pays for the expenses of rent, utility bills, food, etc. 
  • Food Assistance – This grant ensures that single fathers have the means of feeding their children. Under this grant, various programs cater to the need of food: TEFAP, SNAP, and NSLP. These programs have different roles in catering to the needs for food to be given to single fathers, but they have only one objective: feed the children.
  • Child Care Assistance – This grant is to ensure that single fathers have their children signed under Child Care. This grant provides help intended for single fathers so that their children can grow up in a decent environment. 

What are the Scholarships for Single fathers?

The percentage of single fathers in America grows rapidly, amounting to over 8 million. Completing one’s education is the bridge for everybody to have a better quality of life. Finishing one’s degree is a major feat for single mothers and fathers. Single fathers who want to continue pursuing their chosen field in high school or college while taking care of their children at the same is a difficult burden to carry. With the talks of money, especially for low-income single fathers, the scholarships intended for single fathers is an immense help for them to achieve their goals in life. 

Furthermore, the following list contains the scholarships for single fathers:

  • Arkansas Single Parent Scholarship Fund – This scholarship is strictly intended for single fathers residing in Arkansas. It aims to provide single fathers with the financial support they need for their education. However, to be eligible for this scholarship, solo fathers must pursue a course of instruction that will help them earn more money.
  • ASSP Foundation Family Scholarship in Fund – Children and spouses who have lost someone in workplace incidents are entitled to receive funding for their education. The applicant must be a U.S. citizen and be a part-time or full-time student in any educational institution.
  • Bernice Murray Scholarship – This is intended for the single parents of Vermont. The funding the single parents will receive from this scholarship has over $4,000, and qualifications for this must be met.
  • Bruce and Marjorie Sundlun Scholarship – This is intended for low-income single parents and residents of Rhode Island. It provides financial support of over $2,000 that aims to help them continue their education.
  • BYU Marriott School Single Parent Scholarships – This scholarship is designed to help single parents to pursue their desired course if and only if they are enrolled at Marriott School. The only limitation of this scholarship is that students who get married are no longer eligible for this scholarship.
  • Capture the Dream, Inc. Single Parent Scholarship – It has an allocated budget of over $1,000 to be offered to single parents. They pay for the single parents’ tuition and in turn, they must excel in class to be the future leaders of the world.
  • Deblinger Family Scholarship – This scholarship is intended for low-single mothers to reach their academic goals. It has a funding of $10,000 and must be a single parent who is enrolled in a community college to obtain an associate’s degree.
  • Downer-Bennett Scholarship – This is only intended to help single parents who want to attend the University of New Mexico main campus. The student must maintain an excellent academic track record to be able to still be a part of the scholarship.
  • Dr Wynetta A. Frazier “Sister to Sister” Scholarship – This scholarship was established to cater to the needs of African American women in terms of their education. They must be pursuing post-secondary education and must be returning students.
  • Dymond Shantyl Dantzler Legacy Scholarship – This scholarship was founded to commemorate the D’ymond Shant’yl Dantzler. This is intended for women who want to continue their academic studies and is offered over $1,000.
  • Kathleen McVey Memorial Scholarship – The funding for this scholarship varies from student to student. It offers financial support to cover the expenses of tuition if one meets the required qualifications for this scholarship.
  • LiveYourDream Scholarship – It pays for the college tuition of a student. The eligibility of this scholarship must be for a single mother living in Utah and must be involved in any extracurricular activities such as sports.
  • LouEllen Dabbs Scholarship – This is designed to help single parents pay for their college tuition. It requires that the student must pursue a degree in business administration or banking.
  • Minnesota Child Care Grant – It has a budget of over $5,200 given to low-income single parents-students. The budget is the payment for their child care fees.
  • Operation Second Chance – Its objective is to help ill service members/veterans through financial support amounting to $2,500.
  • Oregon Ford Opportunity Program Scholarship – This is founded by Hallie E. Ford that assists single parents in pursuing their desired course. It covers 90% of unmet college costs, and the applicant must be a resident of Oregon or Siskiyou.
  • Park Foundation Scholarship – This scholarship has strict requirements to apply. This is given to one male and female and must be single or a Vietnam veteran and must maintain a GPA of at least 3.0.
  • Professional Women of Winston-Salem Scholarship Fund – This is designed for single mothers attending Forsyth County. The budget of $2,000 will be used as a payment for their education fees.
  • Scholars Fund for Education Scholarship – It offers financial support intended for low-income single parents who are pursuing post-secondary education. 
  • Single Parent Professional Certification Scholarship of Northwest Arkansas – Students pursuing a career as a Certifed Nursing Assistant, Patient Care Technician, or in Phlebotomy from UAMS/Schmieding Center, Petra Allied Health PRN, NTI, or NWACC will receive financial support amounting to $700. Moreover, applicants must be single parents and are U.S. residents. 
  • Single Parent Scholarship – There are three scholarships given to single parents annually in the spring, summer, and fall. The allocated budget amounts to up to $1,000 that will be used as a payment to cover any educational fees.
  • Stanwood Democrats/Delores Haglund Jones Memorial Scholarship – It offers financial support to qualified applicants that will cover to pay their college tuition. It has a budget of $1,000 and the applicant must be a single parent at 21 years old, graduated from either Stanwood High School or Lincoln Hill High School.
  • The David Scholarship – This offers over $1,000 to men ages 16-25 who have been having difficulties living their lives. 
  • The Rise Foundation Scholarship – This is offered to high school seniors who are living with a low-income single parent. They must be enrolled in Chicago Public School with a 2 to a 4-year degree program and are attending 3/5 remaining Rise Foundation workshops. They will receive $500.
  • The Ruth Scholarship – This offers over $1,000 to women ages 16-25 who have been having difficulties living their lives.
  • Toby Merrill Scholarship – This is intended for children who want to go to school. Students who will receive this scholarship should excel in the areas of academics, athletics, leadership, and character traits that exude kindness and courage. This offers over $9,700.
  • Undergraduate/Single-Mother Child Scholarship – There are 2 Undergraduate scholarships that have $1,000 each based on Financial Need and Academic Merit. 
  • Veterans United Foundation Scholarships – This is designed for military service members and their families which they will receive scholarships to help them pay any fees regarding academics.
  • Virginia Military Survivors & Dependents Education Program – This offers a waiver of tuition to undergraduate or other postsecondary education students.
  • Washington-Nixon Nursing Scholarship for Single Mothers – This is offered to single, non-traditional females who are taking care of custodial child/children. Students wanting to have a career in Nursing are also eligible for this scholarship.
  • Women in Need Scholarship – This is given to females who are the breadwinners of the family and are pursuing a degree in accounting.
  • Women in Transition Scholarship – Similar to the objectives of the Women in Need Scholarship, this offers funding for their education in support for them as breadwinners of the family and is pursuing accounting.
  • Women of the South Primary Provider Scholarship – This is offered to women who are the breadwinner of their families. Applicants must pursue an associate degree from Oklahoma City Community College to be eligible for this scholarship.
  • Women with Promise Scholarship – This has a budget of over $5,000 that will be given to qualified North Texas women the opportunity to pursue their college graduate.

Educational Grants for Single Father

Educational grants for single fathers are a type of funding that helps students afford higher education. Similar to scholarship grants, educational grants are intended to pay the tuition of a student as a form of financial aid that does not require any kind of repayment.

Furthermore, the following list contains the educational grants for single fathers:

  • The Federal Pell Grant – While this grant is famously known to aid single mothers, it also helps single fathers. This grant offers financial support for single fathers to continue their undergraduate education.
  • Federal Supplemental Education Opportunity Grants – With over $100 – $4000 budget as financial support for single fathers, this will help them graduate in high school and college without having to worry about how to pay for the expenses of taking of their children while at the same time paying for their tuition.
  • State Grants – This grant provides financial support for single fathers to obtain their higher education degrees. To be eligible for this grant, the single father must show their income status and family size.

What are the Government Programs for Single Parents?

Money from federal programs is funneled through state social services programs to assist single moms and fathers in caring for their children. Government agencies offer the majority of the funds; however, charities and nonprofit groups finance a variety of aid programs to help alleviate what may be a huge burden. 

The following list contains the government programs for single parents:

  • Temporary Aid for Needy Families – This provides funding for low-income single parents to pay for their everyday expenses. If qualified for the financial criteria, this program provides supplemental cash for working parents for two years. 
  • Food Programs – This program ensures that low-income families have the budget for their food. The financial support it offers for low-income families will be their allowance for paying for their food.
  • Child care and job training – The objective of this grant is to assist single parents to find a job and offers child care while they are at work. There are various programs under this grant and they aim to cater to the needs of the children.
  • Department of Housing and Urban Development – It provides housing assistance with the help of a Section 8 voucher that is intended for low-income families. The assistance this grant provides for single parents includes financial support to pay for house rent.

What is the Emergency Financial Assistance for Single Parents?

Investing in an emergency fund will foresee any worst-case scenario brought upon financial constraints. When applying for emergency cash through lenders, one must be aware and astute in reading their terms and regulations. The highest interest rates often go up to 399% which means it will be difficult to repay these loans and one will be burdened in debts. However, to avoid this, single parents must contact their state social services and inquire about any programs or grants that offer emergency financial assistance. 

Being conscious of applying for emergency financial assistance will be a great help for single parents in the future. If they happen to need to pay medical bills or house rent or food assistance, they can use their emergency financial assistance.

What are the Nonprofits offering financial help for single fathers?

Financial help for single fathers sponsored by nonprofit organizations will help them take care of the needs of their children. They will be allowed to pay for the expenses that come with taking care of children. This assistance will surely alleviate the financial constraint they are experiencing.

Furthermore, the following list contains the financial help for single fathers established by nonprofit organizations:

  • One Harvest – This is sponsored by a nondenominational, faith-based organization that gives single fathers CSA-style food boxes for consumption. It is associated with local churches to help with the distribution of these food boxes.
  • The Mommies Network – This is intended for single mothers who require supplies of diapers for their babies. 
  • Help a Mother Out – Similar to the goal of The Mommies Network, this is designed to give free diapers for individuals who need diapers. 

What are the Programs Emergency Shelter and Housing Assistance?

Several well-known government-run initiatives help single fathers and single parents. Several groups provide emergency shelter and housing support to families and single fathers. Housing assistance for single fathers varies based on the state in which the applicant resides. There are, however, a variety of government programs that can direct you to the resources available in your state. If a single father is having trouble locating a shelter for his family, he should inquire on the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development website.

Furthermore, the following list contains the programs emergency shelter and housing assistance:

  • U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Developmental Rental Assistance
  • U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development State Specific Resources Guide
  • Housing Benefits Page
  • State Specific Resources Guide

List of Affordable Housing Unemployment Program for single father

It was established for a single father from a low-income household who is unemployed and unable to pay his mortgage during this period of unemployment. This will benefit single fathers who own a home and do not want to lose it owing to a lack of employment. If one is below the poverty line, tenant-based housing vouchers can assist you if and only if one is below the poverty line. 

Furthermore, the following list contains the affordable housing unemployment program for single fathers:

  • Government Subsidies Housing – This program is intended to help low-income single parents offer nonprofit housing services. On behalf of the low-income single parents, the government will pay for their house rent.

What are Single Fathers Food Assistance Grants?

A single parent raising a child of his own is a daunting task. It is a basic need for the family to obtain food, yet many single-parent families find it extremely difficult to obtain enough food for their family. However, many programs collaborate with a variety of government agencies and nonprofits to provide food aid to families. As a result, you can hunt for this form of aid in your neighborhood and obtain food for your family. Many local and state-level programs exist to help underprivileged families acquire food and support to feed their families properly. Many local food banks and charities deliver meals to low-income households daily. They will also distribute food baskets to such families throughout the challenging holiday season. 

List of Child Care Assistance for Single Fathers

Child Care Assistance for single fathers offers financial support to pay for their child’s expenses. Low-income single fathers who are qualified for the requirements may apply for this assistance. Furthermore, the following list contains child care assistance for single fathers:

  • Child & Dependent Care Credit Program – This is a program that assists single fathers in budgeting their monthly expenses despite their low income. A single father might minimize his taxable income by using this Child Care Assistance Program. They must submit to the federal tax office a receipt for the expense of their child care and the dependent.
  • Office of child care – This is funded by the government that assists low-income families in enrolling in high-quality after-school programs. Children will have a brighter future thanks to this program. This initiative assists in both raising funds and locating child care programs that accommodate unusual schedules.
  • Child cares aware – It offers affordable child care to single fathers. The agency has a large network of over 600 partners that reaches across the country.

What are the Charities That Help Single Fathers With Free Transportation?

Charities are a nonprofit organization that depends on free donation from individuals especially those that came from wealthy families. These charities that are intended for free transportation are an immense help that will cater to the expenses of single fathers going from one place to another. It is designed for single fathers who do not own any vehicle for personal use, and so these charities with free transportation give the single father an advantage to use it for their benefits.

Furthermore, the following list contains the charities that help single fathers with free transportation:

  • Single dad transportation grants – Many single fathers have no work to do or no job at all. They decide to purchase a vehicle that they can use to generate money as well as to provide for their families. And, to assist single fathers, various grants are available in various states, as well as single mother free car programs, which enable single mothers to obtain free or highly discounted vehicles. Assistance is provided based on the type of grant and the state. According to their guidelines, they will assist single fathers in obtaining a vehicle and earning money from it.
  • – As numerous charities assist single parents and low-income families in various ways. This is also a charity that assists single parents in purchasing a vehicle when they are unable to do so due to financial constraints. This is a fantastic program that makes a difference in the lives of many families. Until recently, this initiative has aided a variety of families across the country. One can get in touch with them if you also require a vehicle.
  • Community action agencies – There are programs under this agency but one must have to check the local CAA to review the appropriate assistance single fathers look for. Moreover, if one needs to go somewhere through the use of public transport, they are given free bus tickets.
  • Online Help For Single Fathers – Websites such as Freecharitycars, Carsforyourhelp, and 800 cars will give single fathers the transportation they need. There are also Facebook groups that offer free cars sponsored by the government.

What are the top grants for single dads?

Top grants for single dads provide financial assistance to pay for the expenses single dads must pay. These grants are sponsored by either the government or nonprofit and private organization aims to offer single dads a means of achieving their goals in life.

Furthermore, the following list contains the top grants for single dads:

  • The Federal Pell Grant – Pell Grants are designed to assist low-income students in earning their first bachelor’s degree. To qualify, one must demonstrate that one needs financial aid to acquire this grant. Moreover, one must not have a post-secondary degree. The Department of Education (DOE) is required to review one’s family’s income and expenses to decide whether one is qualified for this grant or not.
  • Federal Supplemental Education Opportunity Grants (FSEOG) – Similar to Pell Grant, this grant is a state-based program that gives financial aid to students by filling one’s their FAFSA forms. It has an allocated budget of over $100 to $4,000 per academic year.
  • Individual State Grants – Many states reward grants for single parents who require financial support. To be eligible for this grant, they are required to fill out the FAFSA form to determine if they qualify for the grants or not.

House Grants for Single Dads – This grant ensures that single dads have the house they need for their children to live on. Under this grant, there are a few programs one can apply to HUD Rental Assistance and Section 8 Voucher. These programs are designed to pay for single dads’ rents or offer financial support to buy a house.