Grants for Veterans in California

Last Updated on August 23, 2023 by Hannah Stevens

California is home to 2 million veterans and also ranks high in terms of the high cost-of-living. Because of the high cost and low wages of living, many veterans may have difficulty paying their monthly bills. There are grants available for veterans in California.

California veterans are eligible for grants and these grants are not loans and do not need to be repaid. You can apply for as many grants as you are eligible for and the grants can be used to help you get through difficult financial times. Grant programs exist to assist those in need. If you have difficulty paying your bills, you might consider applying. Click the links of the programs to apply online and learn more about them.

Grants offered for veterans in California


CalFresh is the California state’s Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP). It is a federally-funded program that gives people in need a monthly grant to buy food. You will receive the grant on an electronic card similar to a debit or credit card. This card can be used to buy food at the farmer’s market or grocery store. 

This state program is only available to those who meet the income requirements. To determine if you are eligible, you can use the online tool. Within three minutes, you’ll find out if your situation qualifies you for the program. CalFresh can be applied for online.
This is also available as one of the grants for veterans in San Francisco.


The state’s version, Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF), is the grant program for California veterans. This program offers cash grants to those who are in greatest need. Cash grants can be used for living expenses such as transportation, clothing, bills payment, food, and housing. You must have a child with you, meet the low income requirements and be unemployed to be eligible for this program. CalWORKS can be applied for online or by calling your local social service agency.
This is also available as one of the grants for veterans in Los Angeles.

Housing and Urban Development (HUD) 

Housing is one of the largest expenses for veterans in California. HUD programs may be available to veterans who require assistance paying rent. The HUD programs can help you find affordable housing, avoid foreclosure, pay rent, get the home repairs you need, and locate public housing options. You must have a low income and be a citizen or legal immigrant to be eligible. Contact HUD in California to apply for these programs.

Low Income Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) 

California grants are available to veterans who need assistance paying their energy bills. LIHEAP, a federally funded program, helps veterans pay their heating bills and receive weatherization services. You can reduce your energy consumption by using weatherization services. This will lower your monthly bills.

They can also offer crisis intervention to assist those who have been served with a disconnect notice. A solar pilot program is also offered by the organization, which can help people transition to solar energy. You must meet the income requirements to be eligible. Online applications are possible for LIHEAP.
This is very similar to the LIHEAP grants for veterans in Arkansas.

Lifeline Assistance 

Even if you only need it for emergencies, it’s a smart idea to have a cell phone. However, many veterans might find it difficult to pay the bill. Lifeline Assistance is a federal program that will grant a monthly grant to cover the cost. The government will pay the remainder and only $9.25 per person will be charged for their phone. You must meet the low income requirements and be a citizen or a legal immigrant to qualify. Online applications are accepted.
This is the same as the Lifeline Assistance grants for veterans in Colorado.

Final Remarks

Although California is one of the most expensive places to live, these resources can make it more affordable for veterans. There may be a grant program available that can help you, regardless of whether your financial situation is long-term or short-term.