Grants for Veterans in Ohio

Last Updated on August 23, 2023 by Hannah Stevens

The state of Ohio is home to approximately 866,000 veterans. But sometimes, they may need assistance paying their bills. This can occur when they are between jobs, or don’t have a job that pays enough. The rising cost of living can cause financial stress for veterans making it difficult to meet their monthly expenses. Fortunately, there are grants available for veterans in Ohio. These grants can provide a safety net for veterans, making sure that their bills are paid, while they achieve self sufficiency.

Grants are not like loans since they don’t have to be repaid. These are considered a gift, and they are meant to assist people in financial difficulties. While most grants are short-term, there are some programs that offer long-term assistance. The available grants for veterans in Ohio will aid in paying rent, buying groceries, paying for energy bills and a lot more.

Grants offered for veterans in Ohio

Food Assistance

The Food Assistance program in the state of Ohio is identical to the national Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP). This provides a monthly grant to those who are eligible, and it can be used to purchase food at the farmer’s market or grocery store. In order to qualify, you must meet the low income requirements, and be a citizen or a legal immigrant. You can submit your applications for the Food Assistance online. Click the link above to apply.
This ties in with the SNAP grants for veterans in Chicago.

Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF)

Veterans in Ohio who require cash assistance will be able to access the grant from the TANF program. The program provides a monthly cash grant to those who are eligible. It can be used to pay for living expenses, like to pay rent, bills, transport, or buy food. The grant can only be received for a limited number of times for those who do not have at least one dependent minor child living with them. While families that have minor dependent children don’t have a time limit on how many times they can receive the grant. TANF recipients who have been receiving grants for more than two years may need to work or volunteer. In order to qualify, you must meet the low income requirements, and be a citizen or a legal immigrant. You can submit your application online. Click the link above to apply.
This is also available as one of the grants for veterans in Oklahoma.

Home Energy Assistance Program (HEAP)

Ohio offers energy grants to veterans. The HEAP grant program may be available to those who have difficulty paying their energy bills. This federally funded grant offers a one-time grant to help pay your fuel bill. You must meet the low income requirements, be the person responsible for paying the energy bill and provide a copy, be a citizen or legal immigrant, and provide the birth date and social security number of everyone in the household to qualify for the grant. Each year, you can reapply for a HEAP grant. Submit your application online or in person. Click the link above to apply.

Housing and Urban Development (HUD)

Veterans who need assistance to pay for housing or locating affordable housing options may be eligible for the HUD programs. These programs will help grantees to pay rent, avoid foreclosure, make necessary home repairs, and find affordable housing in their area. In order to be eligible, you must meet the low income requirements. However, when you’re applying, you first need to speak to an HUD counselor in Ohio, who will assess your financial situation and housing needs. Click the link above to apply.
Hud is also one of the available grants for veterans in North Dakota.

Lifeline Assistance

Phone grants are available in Ohio for veterans, which makes the monthly bill less expensive. The Lifeline Assistance program will approve applicants who will only pay $9.25 per month for their phone bill. This rate applies to a cellular phone or landline. Then the program will pay the balance of your monthly phone bill with a federally funded grant. You must meet the low income requirements to be eligible for Ohio’s phone grant program. Click the link above to apply.

Final Remark

These federally funded grants are available to veterans in Ohio who find themselves having difficulty paying their bills each month. The grants available for veterans can help you make ends meet, and also help you to be more self-sufficient and get back on your feet. Keep in mind that there are no restrictions on the number of grants or programs that you can apply for at once.