Grants for Veterans in Wisconsin

Last Updated on August 23, 2023 by Hannah Stevens

Nearly 364,000 veterans call Wisconsin home. Sometimes, veterans who live in Wisconsin might experience financial difficulties. It could be because they are not able to find work that pays enough to keep up with rising living costs. There are grants available for veterans in Wisconsin that can help during times of crisis.

Grants are not like loans and do not require repayment. Federal grants are the most popular in Wisconsin because they can be considered a gift and the government funds them. These grants are available to people who don’t have enough money or need financial assistance. Grant programs can be used to help pay rent, purchase groceries, pay heating bills, and many other things.

Grants offered for veterans in Wisconsin

Housing and Urban Development (HUD)

Wisconsin veterans who require housing assistance might be eligible for HUD programs. HUD programs can help people who are able to afford rent, avoid foreclosure, make necessary home repairs and find affordable housing. HUD can help you find Section 8 or public housing options in your locality. You must meet the income requirements to be eligible for this assistance. The application process begins with a meeting with a counsellor who will evaluate your financial situation and assess your housing needs. Click the link above to apply.

Food Share

The Food Share program in Wisconsin works the same way as the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) nationally. A monthly grant is available to those who are eligible. Therefore, if you’re eligible, you can use this grant for food purchases at the farmer’s market or grocery store. Your income and the number of people in your household will determine how much you receive. You must meet the requirements for Food Share Wisconsin eligibility, have a legal immigrant or citizen status, and be willing to participate in an interview with the agency. Sometimes, they ask to provide proof of identity. So if you’re in need of food support, click the link above to apply.

Wisconsin Works (W-2)

The Wisconsin Works program (W-2) is identical to the national Temporary Assistance for the Needy Families (TANF). The program offers cash assistance to eligible individuals. You can use the monthly cash grant to pay for your living expenses such as rent, food, utility bills, etc. You must have at least one child under the age of 18 living with you, and be enrolled in work programs. Some people may be eligible for transportation assistance in order to get to work programs. Click the link above to apply.
This is very similar to the WV works grants for veterans in West Virginia.

Wisconsin Home Energy Assistance Program (WHEAP)

Wisconsin offers energy grants to veterans. WHEAP grants may be available to those who have difficulty paying their energy bills. They will credit your account and you will receive a one-time payment for your energy bill. Heating season runs from October 1 to May 15. They offer emergency assistance, one-time electric bill assistance and heating unit repair assistance. You must meet the income requirements to be eligible for the program and each year, you can apply for the grant again. Click the link above to apply.

Lifeline Assistance 

Veterans who want a phone but are unable to afford it may be eligible for a grant from the Lifeline Assistance program. The program allows those who have been approved to only pay $9.25 per month for their phone bill, and this includes cellular and landlines. Federal grants pay the balance each month. You must have a low income to be eligible. Click the link above to apply.
This is also one of the grants for veterans in Wyoming.

Final Remark

Veterans who are in need of financial assistance may feel a lot of stress. Wisconsin grants for veterans can help you make ends meet in difficult financial times. There are no limits to how many grants you can apply or receive, so it is a good idea that you contact all of them to see what you might be eligible for.