Grants for Women Owned Businesses

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Grants for Women are composed of various funding organizations amounting to millions of dollars each year. These grants paved the way to help women find their ability, creativity, and intellectuality in terms of being tenacious in business and academics. Investing in women will break the cycle of gender discrimination and gender prejudices. Moreover, I will discuss these grants for women sponsored by federal governments, nonprofit and private organizations, and corporations that continue to assist women in achieving their goals in life.

Why Do Women Need Access to Grants?

Women need access to grants because they are one of the most disadvantaged sex globally. Even with their business and career success, they are still viewed as inferior. They face many issues that are always tied with them being women, namely prejudice, gender discrimination, gender underestimation, and gender harassment. With them making up the 51% population of the earth, these grants will give them the voice and courage to stand up to those looking down upon them. This assistance will not only help them find their footing in the business world but will also give them the upper hand to fight the unjust system of the unbalanced scales between men and women.

How to apply for Government Grants for Women?

The student must fill out the FAFSA or the Free Application for Federal Student Aid required by the government. This application will be privy to any information of the student and family, her status, and academic pursuits. The annual tuition a student may expect to pay in each university varies. The estimated family contribution is factored into a formula that includes tuition and other educational fees to arrive at the overall amount of financial aid available to the student. In turn, this calculates the amount of financial aid the student is eligible for. 

What does WomensNet Amber Grant Foundation offer?

WomensNet Amber Grant Foundation offers an annual grant of over $25,000, not including the monthly grants which cover up to $5,000 to $10,000. Moreover, WomensNet Amber Grant Foundation has added “Marketing grants”, “Business Category Grants” and a “$25,000 Year-End Grants” to their grant program to acknowledge diverse businesses owned by women. 

What does Mary Kay Domestic Violence Shelter Grant Program offer?

MaryKay Domestic Violence Shelter Grant Program is designed to offer grant money that will immediately go to the cause of domestic violence shelters. They provide financial support to shelters across the country that continues to help women in need of safety from an abusive environment. Just last year, the program has managed to donate over $3 million in grants to 150 shelters nationwide.

What does J. Jill Compassion Fund Grant provide?

J.Jill Compassion Fund Grant is named after a fashion retailer J.Jill. He had organized a women’s clothing store that aimed to support and empower women. In doing so, he established fund organizations that will provide the disadvantaged and homeless women with the job training, education, or affordable housing they need. 

What do The Kroger Company Community Rewards give?

The Kroger Company Community Rewards have a program that makes fundraising easy to acquire. All the proceeds that are raised from fundraising made by the Kroger Company will immediately go to local organizations that help feed the hungry, prevent breast cancer, and support those affected by natural disasters. 

How does Eleanor Roosevelt Fund Award support women?

Eleanor Roosevelt Fund Award is in association with the American Association of University Women (AAUW) that offers a grant to the person or an organization that has worked considerably during the previous help to help maintain equality and quality education for women. Moreover, the Eleanor Roosevelt Fund Award has been funding women’s graduate education and investing in their future to make a change.

What does Avon Breast Cancer Safety Net Program provide?

Avon Breast Cancer Safety Net Program offers up to $100,000 to fund women who are medically underserved with cancer diagnostic and treatment services. With the help of the Avon Foundation for Women, public, community, and safety0net health care institutions around the country can provide breast care for those who are underinsured or earning low-income. Patients with limited access to quality breast diagnostics and treatment benefit from the of Safety-Net grantees. 

What grants does Open Meadows Foundation offer?

Open Meadows Foundation offers up to $2000 grants to projects made, created, or owned by women and girls. The objective of this foundation is to fight back gender discrimination and gender prejudice. 

What are other federal grants opportunities for women?

As listed by, it includes The Office of Public Health and Science, The U.S. Agency for International Development, The Employment and Training Administration, Bureau of East Asian and Pacific Affairs, Small Business Administration, Administration on Aging, National Institutes of Health, and Office of Public Health and Science.

List of Private Organization Grants for Women

The nature and amount of financing provided by these organizations differ. A variety of foundations and initiatives use the money they get from donors to help women in their communities, while others donate money directly to women.

  Furthermore, the following list comprised of organization grants for women:

  • Altrusa International Foundation – It is a non-profit, philanthropic corporation that is committed to delivering the well-being of individuals through the establishment of effective local community service programs.

  • Arcus Foundation – It offers grants that are designed to uplift diversity, promote social justice, and advocate tolerance and compassion.

  • HORIZONS Scholarship For Women – It is a scholarship given to women who are U.S. citizens that will serve as their financial support for their education.

  • Intel Capital Diversity Fund – It is the largest venture capital resource that focuses on women and underrated tech entrepreneurs that fund their technology expertise and businesses.

  • Jeannette Rankin Foundation for Low Income Women – It is a non-profit organization that specializes in raising funds to be given to low-income women between the ages of 35 and older.

  • Raise The Nation – It is committed to providing economic support to single-parent women who still want to pursue their studies and graduate.

  • Sisters of Charity Foundation – It is designed to give financial support to the poor and underserved.

  • Canadian Women’s Foundation (CWF) – It is a national public foundation that offers grant funds to cater to the needs of women and girls.

  • Educational Foundation for Women in Accounting Scholarships – It sponsors scholarships to women pursuing an accounting degree, whether at undergraduate or postgraduate levels.

  • Whitehead Foundation for Elderly Women – It provides grants to be given to institutions housing and catering to elderly women.

Does the US provide support to women desiring to start a business?

Yes. The US is encouraging women to start their businesses because it is their priority, which they made clear. As a result, the government has provided a wide range of funding options for women to start and open their businesses. Many women have benefited from government or private donor grants. Women have been able to start new businesses or grow existing ones in regards to these fundings.

What is the Small Business Grants for Women?

Small Business Grants for Women is essential to have a step forward in building their businesses. To aid aspiring female entrepreneurs to succeed in their business objectives, various government agencies, nonprofits, and private organizations have established grants for women.

Furthermore, the following list contains the different grants women can acquire for their small businesses:

  • – It is a website that holds information on various grants sponsored by the federal government.

  • National Association for the Self-Employed (NASE) Growth Grants – It is a grant program that is designed to give its members benefits that will help them thrive in the networking system.

  • Amber Grant – It is a grant that offers over $10,000 to be given to qualified women business owners monthly of the year. Additionally, the grant winners will also be given over $25,000 by the end of the year.

  • IdeaCafe Grant – It offers a $1,000 to one lucky small business owner annually.

  • Cartier Women’s Initiative Award – It provides up to $100,000 to the top seven finalists of women business owners.

  • – It offers scholarships and opportunities for women. 

  • FedEx Small Business Grant – This is only available for women entrepreneurs, and each year over $250,000 will be awarded to 12 winners.The Halstead Grant – It helps women to receive financial support working in the jewelry industry.

  • Open Meadows Foundation – It is an organization that aids women to promote their agendas against gender, racial, and economic justice. 

  • 37 Angels – This grant program is intended for startups entering an investment.

  • Visa Everywhere Initiative – This funding is intended for both male and female-led businesses. Additionally, it also grants $100,000 to two winners who participated in the Women’s Global Edition competition.

  • Small Business Innovation Research Program – It provides funds for small businesses specializing in the research and development arena. 

What are the Pell Grants for Education?

Pell Grants for Education is a scholarship designed to assist female students in accomplishing higher education aspirations for decades. To be qualified for Pell Grants, students are required to fill out the standardized government financial aid application named FAFSA. Unlike other government programs, Pell grants are not subject to religious, gender, or age-based discrimination in the awarding process. Also, it is not necessary to pay back Pell Grants.

List of Education Grants for Women in Underrepresented Fields

Funded by public and private groups, certain grant programs for women assist specific fields or professions where women have historically been underrepresented. For the growth of women in math, science, engineering, technology, medicine, the law, and the business world, organizations that provide financial assistance are committed and active. 

The following list is some of the education grants for women in underrepresented fields:

  • Barry Goldwater Scholarship Grant – This is given to women who specialize in the field of science or mathematics.

  • Ford Foundation Pre-doctoral Fellowship for Minorities – This is given to women who want to have a career in the field of math, science, or engineering.

  • National Black Nurses Association Grants – This is given to African-American women who want to pursue nursing.

  • National Physical Science Consortium – This is given to minorities and women who wants to work in the field of science.

  • Engineering and Computer and Information Science Awards – This is given to women studying in graduate-level programs that focus on science, engineering, computer science, and math.

  • Regents’ Healthcare Scholarship for Medicine and Dentistry – This is given to women who reside in New York State that pursuing dental or medical school.

List of Education Grants for Disadvantaged Women

Scholarship and grant organizations that are dedicated to helping underprivileged students gain access to higher education. Gender-based aid helps women from low-income families pay for their education, allowing them to move up the educational ladder. These resources, which come from both the public and private sectors, show underprivileged women how to get ahead.

   Furthermore, the following list consists of education grants for disadvantaged women:

  • The Business and Professional Women’s Association Grant – This is given to women who are disadvantaged and are the priority.

  • The Jeanette Rankin Foundation Award – This is given to women over the ages of 35 wanting to finish academic studies.

  • Raise the Nation Grant – This is given to single mothers in need of financial support to pay for tuition.

  • The Women’s Independence Scholarship – This is given to women who are victims of domestic abuse.

What are the grants given by Atlanta’s Women Diversity?

 Various student organizations can apply for funds from local organizations, which are then administered on-campus. There are several financial aid options available on campus, including these diversity grants.

  Furthermore, the following list contains various grants given by Atlanta’s Women Diversity:

  • Spellman College – This is designed to give financial support to African-American women.

  • Agnes Scott College – This provides grants and scholarships for Hispanic women.

  • The Altrusa International Award – This offers women grants to attend U.S. colleges.


What are the educational grants offered by the American Association of University Women?

The American Association of University Women (AAUW) is a major source of funding for women pursuing higher education. Financial aid is available through the AAUW for women returning to school or pursuing higher education degrees. Four funding programs are under the scope of the organization. Undergraduate women from the United States and abroad can participate in these programs.

Furthermore, the following list contains educational grants offered by the American Association of University Women:

  • American Fellowships – This is given to women pursuing medical professions.

  • The Career Development Grant – This is given to women studying at a post-graduate level education.

  • The International Fellowships Grant – This is given to international studies who want to study in postgraduate programs in the U.S.

  • The Selected Professions Fellowships – This is given to women majoring in engineering, architecture, computer science, mathematics, law, medicine, and business.

What are the eligibility requirements for women’s grants?

The requirement to be eligible for women’s grants is to fill out the FAFSA or the Free Application for Federal Student Aid. The FAFSA will determine if the student is eligible for educational grants or not. On the other hand, some grants focus on financial needs, which will determine whether the student may be qualified to apply or not. Other grants’ requirements need academic requirements such as maintaining a minimum grade point, and other grants are not needs-based. 


Women are usually being bullied in the business industry for being women, for having the “weaker sex.” They didn’t know that women could also do what men could do, and with grants helping them make a name in the business industry. Grants will be enough to expand their business and raise profits from the products they offer. Women-owned businesses deserve more recognition in society, and grants intended for them are helping to do it.

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