League for Animals and People of the Summit (LAPS)

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LAPS’ mission is to help control pet overpopulation through providing spay/neuter funding and assisting pet owners who live or work in the community with unexpected veterinary costs.

In the year 2021, LAPS funding has provided:

  • Qualified members of the community received over $15,000 in medical assistance to aid their companion animals.
  • Summit County residents received 390 vouchers to help them with the cost of spay/neuter procedures
  • Their County Animal Shelter has over 250 spay/neuter surgeries

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Medical Assistance Application

LAPS offers two types of medical assistance for those who live and work in Summit County, Colorado:

Veterinarian Care Assistance

LAPS pays for non-routine vet costs for your companion animals, up to a lifetime maximum of $1000 per animal.

LAPS also does NOT cover routine medical visits. This includes but is not limited to wellness exams, vaccinations, food, laser, routine blood tests, microchipping, massage, dental cleaning, medicines, or other elective procedures.


Required Documents

For the fastest processing, email a completed application and supporting documentation to [email protected]. The applications and supporting documents can also be dropped off at the Summit County Animal Shelter in Frisco.

Please read the instructions and include ALL needed information with your application, so they can be used to assist in their ability to review your application and provide a timely response. The review process will be delayed if you submit incomplete applications.

Send an email if you have questions to [email protected].

However, do NOT contact the Animal Shelter with questions regarding filling out LAPS applications, or about the current status of an application. This information is not available to them. Use the email address provided.

Find the Application Form here.

Spay/Neuter Voucher

LAPS provides $100 discount vouchers for spay/neuter surgeries to anyone who lives in Summit County Colorado. You may only get the vouchers at the Summit County Animal Shelter in Frisco.

You must be able to prove your residency or employment in Summit County.

You don’t need to complete an application!

You must use the vouchers at your local veterinary office:

  • Alpine Veterinary Practice
  • Breckenridge Animal Clinic
  • Buffalo Mountain Animal Hospital
  • Farmer’s Korner Veterinary Hospital
  • Frisco Animal Hospital
  • Silverthorne Veterinary Hospital  
  • John Colburn/Kremmling
  • Park County Animal Hospital

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