No Justice No Pride: COVID19 Support Form

Last Updated on August 22, 2023 by Hannah Stevens

COVID19 Support form

There are available relief funds for sex workers of color, trans sex workers, and escorts or street based sex workers in the DC, Maryland, and Virginia Metro Area. And, priority will be given to Black and Brown Trans women.

Are you interested in more Free Money Grants and Government Grants for Individuals?

There is no guarantee for every request above $250, but requests can be made up to $600 within 1-2 weeks. Processing times for larger amounts may be longer. After you submit your request, you will be contacted to confirm where the funds are being disbursed to.

Did you read our information about the Essential but Excluded Fund?

Please allow funds to be disbursed for 3-5 days due to the fact that there is limited capacity. Also, please understand that because of COVID19, members are at capacity, and they deserve rest and respect. We ask that you wait 3-5 business days before contacting us to check on the status of your request, and to do so respectfully. If we do not respond to your request within this time frame, it may be withheld or denied for any reason.

Please check out our article about the 805UndocuFund.