Nonprofit Grants in Alaska

Last Updated on August 22, 2023 by Hannah Stevens

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The Foraker Group

The Foraker group is committed to improving the leadership and management skills of volunteers and professionals working in Alaska’s non-profit and tribal organizations. They implement an innovative approach in providing cost-effective, high-quality assistance for staff and boards of directors via Shared Services, Organizational Development, and Educational Opportunities. The group offers everything as they are committed to meeting the nonprofits where they are at the moment, and to work on the issues the nonprofits prioritize. They want Alaskan nonprofits to thrive in an environment which encourages new skills, sustainability, and strategic thinking. This helps facilitate and support partnerships that allow skills and ideas to be shared in order to increase each organization’s capacity.

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Contact Information:

161 Klevin Street
Suite 101
(907) 743-1200

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