Nonprofit Grants in Arizona

Last Updated on August 22, 2023 by Hannah Stevens

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Alliance of Arizona Nonprofits

The mission of this organization is to unify, strengthen, and assist Arizona’s non-profit sector.

They envision Arizona as a place where all non-profits are valued, empowered, and thriving.

The Alliance has over 800 members, and amplifies the voice of nonprofits. It also connects nonprofits to the community, and increases the impact of non-profit missions.

They assist nonprofits in achieving their goals through:

  • Training and information about the best practices
  • Access to funding research
  • Support for collaboration
  • Leadership support

The organization amplifies the voices of nonprofits by:

  • Representing them before the state legislature, and with state agencies
  • Rallying them on national and state issues

They connect non-profits to the community:

  • Providing community education to increase awareness and knowledge
  • Overseeing the Arizona Gives Day annual campaign

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Contact Information:

333 E Osborn Road
(602) 279-2966

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