Nonprofit Grants in Colorado

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Colorado Nonprofit Association

The Colorado Nonprofit Association, a statewide membership organization, represents Colorado’s nonprofits. They create an environment that recognizes the contributions of nonprofits to the communities. Their aim is to make Colorado a better place to live. The association raises awareness about the vital role of nonprofits in improving the state, and the need to support them financially. There is training, support, lobbying, and leadership to help members achieve their goals more efficiently and effectively. This coalition includes over 1,300 human service providers, health care facilities, arts and culture organizations, educational institutions, animal and environment agencies, and many more.

The operating environment for Colorado’s nonprofits are constantly changing due to the development in technology, government policy, and donor behavior. Even though nonprofits have been successful in the past, they must remain alert and be able to adapt to new operating challenges. The Association offers current knowledge, educational tools, and informational resources to assist nonprofits in successfully adapting to changing environments. They are also the only statewide organization representing all nonprofits in federal, state, and local governments. This is to address broad-based trends as well as policy changes that impact nonprofits. The organization informs the public and policy makers about trends in charitable giving, and information about the economic importance of the sector. Furthermore, to foster more effective relationships between business, government and nonprofits, they act as a trusted connector of ideas and people.

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