Nonprofit Grants in Connecticut

Last Updated on August 22, 2023 by Hannah Stevens

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CT Community Nonprofit Alliance

The CT Community Nonprofit Alliance supports nonprofits supporting the state of Connecticut.

There are about thousands of nonprofits across the state, each working to make a difference. This organization brings them all together so that everyone can benefit from their collective strength.

Connecticut Association of Nonprofits (CT Nonprofits) is the largest state-based membership organization dedicated to working with every nonprofit in Connecticut. They help members to focus their efforts on the people and communities that they serve through connecting them with information, education, advocacy, and collaboration.

CT Nonprofits, working together, provides vital cost-saving opportunities for the member organizations. They also offer a dedicated advocacy and public policy team, specialized education and training programs, information about nonprofit trends and best practice, and connections to nonprofit colleagues across the state.

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Contact Information:

35 Cold Spring Road
Suite 522
Rocky Hill
(860) 525-5080

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