Nonprofit Grants in Florida

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Florida Nonprofit Alliance

Florida Nonprofit Alliance (FNA) is the collective voice of nonprofits at federal, state, and local levels. It promotes, informs, and strengthens the influence of the nonprofit sector. FNA is also a resource center and referral center for all nonprofits to collect, analyze, and share vital sector data, and fosters statewide collaboration and communication of nonprofits.


The Florida Nonprofit Alliance promotes, informs, and strengthens the nonprofit sector to help create more vibrant communities throughout the state.


  • ADVOCATED to protect the rights of nonprofits in relation to limiting nonprofit compensation for CEOs. The legislation was stopped.
  • LED THE WAY to establish the Florida Charitable Advisory Partnership in order to improve communication between state agencies, philanthropy, and the nonprofit sector.
  • COLLABORATED with the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services in order to shape the Charity Reform Law.
  • PARTNERED with the Department of Financial Services in order to launch a training webinar for the nonprofit community of the state.

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Contact Information:

40 East Adam Street
Suite 229
(407) 694-5213

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