Nonprofit Grants in Hawaii

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Hawai’i Alliance of Nonprofit Organizations

The Hawai’i Alliance of Nonprofit Organizations (HANO) unifies and strengthens the nonprofit sector to increase the quality of life in Hawaii.

Goals of HANO

  • Create a diverse alliance among nonprofit members, both statewide-wide and sector-wide, working in agreement
  • Become an advocate for the nonprofit sector to increase community awareness about its value, and how to invest in resources
  • Organize a firm business foundation for HANO, and establish financial commitments from its members

What They Do

HANO, similar to other state alliances of nonprofits with the National Council of Nonprofits, works to offer programs in six areas:

  • Leadership and Convening: HANO gathers leaders from non-profit organizations for learning, networking, sharing ideas, and collaboration.
  • Advocacy and Public Policy: HANO is the de facto organization for decision makers looking for information on nonprofits, and offers planning services for community groups.
  • Research and Information: HANO provides capacity-building consulting services, as well as serves as a clearinghouse of information about Hawaii’s nonprofit sector.
  • Communications: HANO offers newsletters, job listings, event calendars, member updates, briefings, and other communications resources for nonprofits in Hawaii.
  • Professional Development: HANO offers workshops, and they are working in conjunction with other organizations in order to create a comprehensive range of training opportunities.
  • Products and Services: HANO uses the collective-buying power of its members to help member organizations save time and money.

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Contact Information:

1020 South Beretania Street
Second Floor
(808) 529-0466

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