Nonprofit Grants in Kansas

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Kansas Nonprofit Allies

Kansas has two Nonprofit Allies. Below are the profiles and contact information of these allies.

Association of Kansas Nonprofits


Association of Kansas Nonprofits leads, serves, and strengthens nonprofits in Kansas that enhance the quality of life and community across the state.


Association of Kansas Nonprofits aims to unify and strengthen the collective voice, fortify leaders through education, and create capacity for nonprofit organizations throughout Kansas.

Kansas has over 24,000 nonprofits that work to strengthen their communities across the state. Kansas Nonprofit Centre, Inc. serves as a professional resource for nonprofit executives, staff, and board members.

Association of Kansas Nonprofits serve as the hub that connects organization with:

• Information
• Collaboration 
• Research
• Board governance
• Best practices
• Government officials
• Education
• Benefits – Budget Savers


The organization’s investment in quality leadership development and capacity building is vital for the effectiveness, adaptability, and resilience of nonprofit leaders, organizations, networks, and the sectors in Kansas.

They understand that the nonprofit environment nowadays needs executives to have higher business-focused; leadership skills which reflects the practices and principles our nation’s most experienced for-profit leaders. Fiduciary management and accounting, and dealing with the complicated world of federal contracting are just a few examples. The Kansas Nonprofit Centre is dedicated to helping every nonprofit organizations in Kansas to become business-minded and mission-oriented leaders. They nurture new nonprofit leaders, and maintain experienced leaders through leadership development training.

Board Leadership

All nonprofit organizations need to have a board development. The board can create the difference between a good and a great nonprofit. They can even break an organization.

Association of Kansas Nonprofit assist board leadership:

  • to describe the roles and responsibilities of board members
  • to address issues that could hinder board effectiveness

Each organization is given legitimacy by a functioning board. They provide guidance, experience, and input that is integral to the building of nonprofit capacity processes. Furthermore, they assist to ensure an organization’s long-term sustainability.


Education remains the most important need for many nonprofits. Meanwhile, cost is a major barrier. The cost of travel, classes, and time for staff from nonprofit organizations is prohibitive at a time when budgets are tight.

The Association of Kansas Nonprofits works in conjunction with some of America’s top experts. The Association offers expert, professional lead education, and current resources or topics for nonprofit leaders, staff, boards members, and volunteers with the required knowledge and skills to make their organizations more effective and well-run.

Kansas nonprofits offer a high return on public investment. The Association of Kansas Nonprofits makes an investment in the non-profit community by providing high quality education classes and resources. Supporting and providing the growth of organizations, and the network of people who lead them to make a positive impact on the economy, quality of life, and health of every Kansas community.

Excellent Standards

The Association of Kansas Nonprofits believes that all Kansas nonprofits must have ethical and accountable policies, regardless of their size. It is the heart of their values.

Many donors have faith in charities.

However, there has been a shift. Nonprofits’ failure to fulfill their responsibilities to stakeholders is causing them to rebel. These responsibilities go beyond checks and balances in the financial system, or misreporting performance statistics. They also extend to governance.

Benefits of a Standards Evaluation program

  • It offers a common sense approach to reach the highest standards of governance and management.
  • The ability to be accountable while remaining focused on the people and communities you serve.
  • Funders are more likely to fund organizations that have successfully completed the Standards course.
  • Demonstrate to sponsors and the public that you have taken substantial steps to win their trust


The Association of Kansas Nonprofits consistently keep track of the Kansas Legislature, and lobby them for nonprofits throughout the state. It aims for a greater collective voice for nonprofit organizations in Kansas to improve the quality of community life in the state. The Association is still at the forefront for advocacy for all Kansans as this work continues. Their holistic approach has made Kansas a better place.

Contact Information:

P.O. Box 12321
Wichita, Kansas 67277
(316) 841-0660

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Kansas Nonprofit Chamber

Mission: Building capacities and developing sustainability in order to assist Kansas nonprofits in fulfilling their mission.

Purpose: They serve to establish and grow successful nonprofit organizations that help to improve the quality of life throughout the state of Kansas.

Work: They offer training, networking, support and resources, and encouragement to collaboration and alliances among nonprofit organizations, businesses, government, educational institutions, and communities in Kansas.


Lunch & Learn

Luncheons are not only a great way to make new connections, but the organization’s presenters also provide valuable information to help you grow your nonprofit.

Executive Director Survival Series

Executive directors can participate in a peer to peer group every month to share their challenges, ideas, experiences, and expertise.

Nonprofit Survival Series

Nonprofit staff can participate in peer-to-peer groups every month to share their challenges, ideas, experiences and expertise.

Board University

The Board University sessions are held eight times every year. Every session covers various topics that relate in building a better board, and being a better member of the board.

Emerge & Lead

This 6-month leadership program is particularly for volunteers, staff, and board members of nonprofit organizations. It is designed to help create nonprofit leaders.

Think Big. Be Bold. Annual Nonprofit Conference

Nonprofits all around Kansas are invited to come together to exchange ideas and learn to help them Think Big and Be Bold in developing nonprofit organizations.

The Inspire Awards

Recognizing people and organizations who have made a positive impact on the community through their volunteerism or work.

Networking Events

These events offer the chance to meet other people from nonprofits, businesses, educational institutions, and political candidates.

Board Member Match-Up

The Chamber will match you with qualified board members candidates by posting a board opening on the Kansas Nonprofit Board Member Meet-Up website or Facebook page.

Kansas Nonprofit Wish Lists

You may post your nonprofit in-kind donation needs on the Kansas Nonprofit Wish Lists Facebook page, and connect with businesses and individuals who are interested in making in-kind donations to nonprofit organizations.

Employee Recruitment

The Chamber allows you to post a job on the job board, and help you promote the position and offer advice about transitions and onboarding.

Discount Subscription to GrantStation

Your membership allows you to subscribe to for only $75. You can save $624 off the regular price of $699.

Group Insurance Benefits

ProviDRs Care allows members to insure from 2 to 500 employees as part of their group insurance benefits.

Consulting & Training

They offer consulting, training, and strategic planning at reasonable rates. They can also connect you to other providers of similar services. Furthermore, for advice and guidance, they are available for a phone call or in person meeting.

Assistance with Finding Resources

They provide you with the most current information about grants, emerging issues, latest research on nonprofit trends, and information on resources for your organization. They can also help you find businesses that offer legal, accounting, HR, and other services for nonprofits.

Contact Information:

700 N. Market
Wichita, KS 67214
(316) 440-6744

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