Nonprofit Grants in Maryland

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Maryland Nonprofits

Maryland Nonprofits has been working for the development of a strong and effective nonprofit sector in Maryland for more than 25 years. The Maryland Nonprofits is a 501(c) 3 nonprofit organization, and a statewide membership association. Their membership includes nonprofits, businesses serving nonprofits, government agencies, students, and individuals.

Members receive access to educational resources, discounted workshops and conferences, discounts on products and services, such as background checks and liability insurance, representation on Capitol Hill and Annapolis regarding the common public policy priorities for Maryland’s nonprofit sector.

Maryland Nonprofits supports the nonprofit sector through:

  • Leading public policy advocacy, raising the collective voice for needed investment, transparency in government, and community empowerment
  • Increasing the voice of the nonprofit sector in support of the causes and people that nonprofits serve
  • Growing the resources for the non-profit sector
  • Running a research about the non-profit sector
  • Operating the national Standards for Excellence program that offers educational programs, resource materials, and accreditation of nonprofits to meet the highest standards of ethics and accountability.

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Contact Information:

1500 Union Ave
Suite 2500
(410) 727-6367

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