Nonprofit Grants in New Mexico

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New Mexico Thrives

New Mexico Thrives was born out of a desire to solve the contradiction between the excellent work of nonprofits and the reports that New Mexico is still at the bottom or very close to it. It is based upon the belief that New Mexico does not have to be at or near the bottom, and the understanding of the need for a paradigm shift.

Many conversations, new research, and shared wisdom led to the conceptual shift. While many have spoken out about the importance of collaboration and coordination, not one organization or coalition has ever attempted to implement a systemic, statewide approach. Tsiporah Nephesh quit her job at the Center for Nonprofit Excellence in order to focus on synthesizing the information, and determining the pathways and tools required that will lead to the desired outcomes.

New Mexico Thrives is a movement for change through a state nonprofit association. The paradigm shift runs through all aspects of the organization. This organization is intended to be agile and adaptable, demonstrating the skills required for current nonprofits. Moreover, the Center of Southwest Culture fiscally sponsors it. New Mexico Thrives also promotes the New Mexico nonprofit sector in its entirety, but also recognizes the individual contributions of each organization. They assist nonprofits in moving beyond fears and divisive issues to work together for positive, sustainable change in New Mexico.

New Mexico Thrives is poised to lead the nonprofit sector.

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Contact Information:

505 Marquette Avenue NW
New Mexico
(505) 764-0440

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