Nonprofit Grants in Oklahoma

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Oklahoma Center for Nonprofits

Over a century and a  half ago, brave settlers set out to what would become the state of Oklahoma on horseback and wagon. Women, children, and men braved the difficult roads to become part of the people who will settle and establish the state. These people also instill a unique, pioneering spirit that continues to live on in all Oklahomans. Like those early pioneers, the nonprofits of the state travel arduous paths together to make better lives for everyone living in Oklahoma.

The pioneering spirit of the Oklahoma Center for Nonprofits has given the state’s charitable organizations extra power since 1981. The training, advocacy, consultation, and recognition programs that they offer have helped more than 16,500 organizations in the state to improve the implementation of their mission, and help people to thrive. This is a result of the Center’s dedication to building better communities through effective nonprofits.

Oklahoma nonprofits are able to receive state-of-the-art, latest assistance with a brand of personal touch through the investment of many corporations, foundations, and individuals. The Oklahoma Center for Nonprofits is acknowledged as a national leader in statewide service organizations, and it prides itself in providing cutting-edge services throughout the state.

The Center offers professional training for nonprofits that includes:

  • Board Governance and Executive Leadership
  • Fundraising and Resource Development
  • Financial Accountability
  • Ethics and Legal Issues
  • Communications and Marketing
  • Management Best Practices
  • Outcomes Measurement
  • Community Improvement

Furthermore, the Center supports nonprofits from all around the state to network and share important information. They are also the voice for the nonprofit sector for advocacy and public policy. The Center is the place to go when nonprofits need to be heard together. Lastly, they recognize outstanding nonprofit leadership and operations with the “Visions Awards” and “Oklahoma Nonprofit Excellence” Awards. The Center has awarded more than a million dollars in mini-grants to nonprofits and their leaders for their excellence in this sector.

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Contact Information:

720 W. Wilshire Blvd
Suite 115
Oklahoma City

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