Nonprofit Grants in Oregon

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Nonprofit Association of Oregon

The Nonprofit Association of Oregon (NAO) is a sector-wide network that represents all nonprofits in Oregon. They work throughout the state to strengthen and connect leaders of nonprofits, organizations, and the entire sector. NAO does this through offering voice to the collective achievements and aspirations of nonprofits; growing diversity and organizational leadership capacity; facilitating knowledge sharing among nonprofits and across the public, nonprofit, and private sectors. Forming on its rich history of capacity building that spans more than 30 years, the Association guarantees a future where nonprofits in Oregon are valued and visible as vital contributors to society.

Members have access to various benefits, including: advocacy efforts, discounts on products and services, training, networking opportunities, and a lot more.

It is crucial that both public and private leaders hear nonprofits.

Providing excellent programs and services are not enough in order to help you to achieve your mission. Thus, the Nonprofit Association of Oregon (NAO) offers a powerful collective voice to foster critical policy issues impacting the nonprofit sector in Oregon and Washington DC. NAO is your Public Policy data and analysis resource.

Your nonprofit can reach new heights.

Linking to broader, cross-sector trends and knowledge is key to measuring and communicating the effectiveness of your nonprofit’s impact and effectiveness in your community. NAO membership gives you access to important survey data, tools, and analysis from all over the country and state. Network with peers, exchange ideas, and become a part of the current conversation at NAO trainings, workshops, and convenings.

You can save money in order to improve your bottom line.

Enjoy discounts on a range of services and programs, including unemployment insurance, credit card processing, background checks, nonprofit publications, nonprofit job board access, NAO’s vast array of training programs, and a lot more.

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Contact Information:

5100 SW Macadam Avenue
Suite 360
(503) 239-4001

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