Nonprofit Grants in South Carolina

Last Updated on August 22, 2023 by Hannah Stevens

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Together SC

This is run by nonprofit leaders for nonprofit leaders.

Together SC is the only organization in South Carolina solely focused on strengthening and supporting the nonprofit community of the state through advocacy, education, communications, collaboration, and leadership.

There are currently 700+ members representing nonprofit organizations, business partners, foundations, associations, as well as government agencies and academic institutions. All people can work together to make the world a better place.

Everyone is allies for good!


They envision a future where South Carolina has an effective, united, and trusted nonprofit community that works to improve the lives of every person living in the state.


They exist to unify, strengthen, and foster the state’s nonprofit community, so they can improve the quality of all lives.


They are on a mission to:

  1. harness the collective power of everyone who are working for the greater good through advocacy and collaboration among nonprofit leaders, business and governmental partners, foundations, associations and academic institutions;
  2. inspire charitable volunteers and nonprofit professionals through leadership, education, and recruitment of the next generation leaders;
  3. foster public trust, gain legislative support, and protect the integrity of nonprofit work in order to enhance the future of the nonprofit sector.


Allies for Good

Higher Purpose

They believe that the world will be better when everyone works together for the good.

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Contact Information:

1818 Blanding Street
South Carolina

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