Nonprofit Grants in Virginia

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Virginia Nonprofit Allies

The state of Virginia has two Nonprofit Allies. Below is more information about these organizations.

Center for Nonprofit Excellence

The Center for Nonprofit Excellence (CNE) is a nonprofit resource center and capacity building organization aiming to help strengthen nonprofits and realize the potential of the sector. They believe strong nonprofits make strong communities.

CNE has become a representative of a diverse community with over 300 member organizations and strategic partnerships throughout the state since 2005. They have been committed to these three fundamental values since their establishment:


They offer education, consulting, and resources to help make strong leaders, effective managers, and healthy collaborators. They are always learning, always teaching in order to equip nonprofits with the skills they need to be competent, to operate ethically, and to maximize their impact. Because their philosophy is to be a leader by example, they set high standards for themselves.

They succeed when nonprofits do good work better.


They are a team that invests their expertise, time, and resources to encourage collaboration. This creates a more efficient and effective nonprofit sector, and they actively search for strategic partners to help them leverage their work. They are an honest broker who focuses on supporting nonprofits in achieving their goals to improve their stewardship of their resources and increase their impact. They are pragmatic; they seek practical, attainable solutions that work for the organizations and coalitions they work with.

They succeed when they are able to help nonprofits overcome obstacles, and find solutions for systemic problems that hinder their success.


They advocate for and believe in a strong, independent nonprofit sector. Nonprofits are vital to the health and well-being of the community. They foster and respect the sector to ensure it is able to do the important and difficult work of creating a social safety network, encouraging civic engagement, protecting the environment, and enriching people with arts, education, and culture.

They succeed when nonprofits are acknowledged for their economic contribution, seen as effective agents of change, and actively engaged with community partners to solve real problems and improve their lives.

Contact Information:

1701-A Allied Street
Virginia 22903
(434) 244-3330

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NetworkPeninsula provides important tools for nonprofits in order for them to achieve their mission effectively. Their mission is to increase awareness about the needs of the Peninsula, encourage community involvement and strengthen the nonprofits working to address these needs. They envision a strong nonprofit sector supported by an engaged public that recognizes the importance of nonprofits and the positive impact they provide for the community’s continued health and well-being.

They offer more than 300 nonprofits in Virginia access to programs, including continuing education, Board Training, networking, information sharing, board member matching, and expanded outreach. All of their work is focused on helping nonprofits to grow their capacity to stay sustainable.

NetworkPeninsula empowers the nonprofits within them to succeed, and connect citizens and businesses to the nonprofits serving their area in order to build stronger communities. They are a trusted leader offering advocacy, education, and genuine collaboration opportunities for the nonprofit members that they serve. The Peninsula region encompasses greater Williamsburg, Newport News, Hampton, Poquoson, Gloucester, Mathews, as well as the surrounding counties.

NetworkPeninsula, in partnership with Thomas Nelson Community College, launched The Nonprofit Management Institute in 2019. These Certificate- and credit-based classes are designed to provide nonprofit professionals with the best practices in leadership, development, and nonprofit management. All staff are welcome to take the classes, including Board members, volunteers, and those who are interested in learning more about the nonprofit sector. To provide training funds and member discounts to offer professional development opportunities for staff at all levels, they have also partnered with local foundations.

Nonprofit members have access to workshops, peer advisory groups, and a comprehensive grants database that includes new opportunities from all over the country. They also get discounts on professional services. Moreover, the members have the opportunity to share their volunteer needs, item needs, and upcoming events with over 1,000 individuals, businesses, and civic and faith-based organizations across the Peninsula. Depending on the size of the annual operating budget of the organization, memberships can cost between $50 and $250 each year.

Contact Information:

2 Bernardine Drive
Newport News
VA 23602

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