Nonprofit Grants to Start a Nonprofit

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A nonprofit grant is money donated to a nonprofit organization by businesses, foundations, or government bodies. They are advantageous to nonprofits since they provide additional funding that does not have to be repaid and raise the consciousness of the existence of their organization. They prioritize the mission of nonprofit organizations that have their specific agendas, and these grants help them get funding to continue their mission. Grant organizations may specify that the funds be used to promote a specific program or rather than offer a single sum donation that the nonprofit might utilize to support general operations.

How to assess if my nonprofit should apply for a grant?

You’ll need a lot of facts and figures to explain how the scenario you’re worried about in your service area appears. You’ll need detailed documentation of the issue your company will address. Begin collecting data right away and maintain it up to date to guarantee you don’t miss any growth opportunities. Promises that aren’t specific aren’t good enough to win a federal grant. You’ll need to make a list of particular, quantifiable outcomes that you want to achieve. Federal agencies would like to determine how many individuals will change, how they will change when they will change, and how they will measure it. Many federal agencies require organizations to utilize evidence-based practices in initiatives that are funded by taxpayers. You’ll need to offer a programming technique that can generate the results you want in a realistic timeframe. That implies you’ll have to show that the program has a good chance of succeeding.

Who is eligible for NonProfit grants?

It’s critical to figure out whether you’re qualified to obtain a federal grant. If you are not qualified for particular funding, you will be subjected to wasting a lot of time and money filling out the application only to find out that you are not eligible for the grant. The first step you need to take into consideration is what type of organizations are you representing. It may be a government organization, education organizations, public housing organizations, nonprofit organizations, for-profit organizations, or small businesses. However, you can also apply for a grant on your behalf. For foreign applicants, you need to complete the same registration process similar to domestic applicants and they may get your TIN. 

How to Get Grants for Nonprofit from Federal Government Grants?

The amount of money available in any given year is determined by the federal budget and the goals of the federal agencies that administer grant competitions. As a result, the political climate, national concerns, and national events have a significant impact on the amount of money available for government grants to charities. By keeping an eye on the national scene, your nonprofit will be able to better understand where federal grant money originates from and where it will be spent. Grant money from the federal government must be spent exclusively on permitted activities, managed per regulations, and expected to produce verifiable outcomes. There is no such thing as free government grant money.

What are Corporate Grants for Nonprofits?

A corporate grant is given directly by a large corporation. Many of these businesses set money aside at the start of the year to offer awards to those they consider deserving. Grants are effectively free money that can be used to cover overhead and other expenses. Every year, corporations award these grants to business entrepreneurs.

Furthermore, the following list contains corporate grants for nonprofits:

  • CocaCola – They priroritize to cter the needs of women, water, and wellbeing. With that being said, it covers entrepreneurship, economic empowerment, access to clean water, and education.

  • CitiGroup – It seeks to give corporate grants to 14 large nonprofit organizations through the establihment of Partners In Progress program. In 2016, they also launched a Community Progress Makers Fund worth $20 million.

  • Bank of America – They offr nonprofit grants and event sponsorships regarding jobs, housing, and hunger issues.

  • Emerson – Nonprofit organizaions that are investing in arts & culture, education, health, and youth are eligible for this grant. They will receive benefits that will serve as their funding for their missions.

  • 3M – They prioritize to fund areas such as community, the environment, and education.

  • General Mills – They offer grants to nonprofit orgnizations that answer to the needs of the people. The areas they prioritize is hunder, education, and nutrition wellness.

  • Bristol-Myers Squibb – By enhancing healthcare worker capacity, unifying medical treatment and community-based supports services, and engaging communities in the fight against disease, they support health equality and attempt to enhance the health outcomes of populations disproportionately afflicted by serious diseases.

  • Fidelity – They have funding of over $50,000 to $500,000 to be given to nonprofit organizations promoting arts and culture, community development, health, and social services.

  • Alcoa – They give grants to nonprofit organizations promoting the importance of education and the environment. Moreover, they also offer STEM training and resource sustainability.

  • Exxon Mobil – They promote the works of nonprofit organizations through organizing charitablle donations that will give women equal opportunities alongside men, expanding math and science education, and preventing malaria from spreading.

  • Enterprise – This foundation provide grants to thousands of local nonprofit organizations whose priorities centered on improving community, education, and environmental stewardship.

  • Goldman Sachs – Nonprofit organizations that idealizes on  providing resources for education, creating jobs, helping veterans, and communities are eligible to apply for this foundation.

  • Caterpillar – The Caterpillar Foundation has aided in the improvement of people’s lives all across the world since its establishment in 1952. Caterpillar, as a corporation, collaborates with their dealers and customers to create the societal infrastructure that keeps the globe running. They  focuses on complementing human, ecological, and basic services infrastructure that individuals and communities require to prosper and be resilient.

  • Hasbro – They are associated with seven major nonprofit organizations and they give them funding. Additionally, they don’t accept requests of unsolicited grants.

  • GE Foundation – They established the Developing Health and Developing Future program that will oversee giving grants to organizations focusing on health and education.

  • Duke Energy – They have funding of over $10,000 to be given to nonprofit organizations whose mission is in line with at least one the foundation’s four investment priorities: environment, community impact, education, and economic and workforce development.

  • Kohls – They offer to fund organizations based in Wisconsin that are working on kids’ health and education, environmental initiatives, and combat breast cancer. 

  • Family Dollar – Programs who are prioritizing the needs of low-middle income families will be subjected to receiving grants from the foundation.

  • Ford – They offer funding to nonprofit organizations whose main objective is to promote community life, safey, and education.

  • IBM – They don’t accept any unsolicited grant proposals. However, they do offer community grants, impact grants, and matching grants.

  • GM Foundation – They give financial assistance to nonprofit organizations whose goal focuses on community development, health and human services, education, and environment and energy.

  • Harold Simmons Foundation – The grant money they offer amounts to $5,000 to $20,000 to first-time applicants. They support human dignity, enhancing the lives of children and families, and a safe and enriching environment.

  • Intel – They focus on communities where there is a major presence and gives strategic grant assistance to initiatives that improve science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) education.

  • Stanley Tools (Black & Decker) – They offer sponsorship to non-profits whose missions are inextricably linked to their company. They aid in the construction of homes, the support of children’s hospitals, the assistance of injured veterans, and the promotion of STEM education programs.

  • JPMorgan Chase & Co – It associates with community partners to assist workforce development, financial capabilities, small company development, and community development in the places where they do business to provide pathways to opportunity.

  • Johnson & Johnson – They offer health care career scholarships, disease prevention, health care access, and health care job training.

  • McCormick Corporation – They give funding on health, environment, culture, and education. They prioritize McCormick employees.

  • Medtronic – While they do not accept any unsolicited grant requests, they do make grants solely available for nonprofit organizations with a purpose.

  • Kimberly Clark – They prioritize their employees. They also support organizations that want to make a difference in the world.

  • PNC – They give support to nonprofit organizations that are committed to helping children in terms of their education. They also seek to support nonprofits assisting in economic development.

  • Merck – They give funding to nonprofit organizations working in areas such as community, health, and education.

  • Payless Shoe Source – They invest in nonprofit organizations whose work is dedicated to supporting children and families and need 

  • Newman’s Own Foundation – They give funding to nonprofit organizations that were committed to working on philanthropy, sick children, military veterans, empowerment, and nutrition.

  • Nordstrom – They support organizations and programs dedicated to catering to the needs of kids and empowering youth. 

  • Monsanto – They give financial assistance to nonprofit organizations promoting farming, gardening, education, arts, and robotics.

  • Office Depot – They support projects that improve children’s quality of life, develop communities, promote local and international economic growth, and strengthen schools and non-profits. They also assist small businesses in regaining their footing after natural disasters.

  • Prudential – They give financial assistance to nonprofit organizations whose main focus is to provide people with jobs, build assets, tend to necessities of people, and develop communities.

  • Pepsi Company – They offer to fund nonprofits that promote sustainability in areas such as the environment and talents.

  • Pfizer – This grant is mainly focused on nonprofit organizations that deal with health care and education.

  • U.S. Bank – They provide financial assistance to nonprofit organizations that prioritizes education, artistic and cultural enrichment, and economic opportunities.

  • Safeway Foundation – Nonprofit organizations that prioritize education, people with disabilities, health and human services, and hunger relief can receive benefits from this foundation.

  • Walmart Foundation – They give funding to local, state, and national who promotes opportunity, sustainability, and community.

  • MetLife – It promotes programs that promote financial inclusion. Arts and culture, Alzheimer’s disease research and aging-related initiatives, youth education, and community development are among the other areas of support.

  • Sony – The proceeds they receive from their charities will immediately go to arts, technology, culture, the environment, and education.

  • Nationwide – They support qualifying charitable groups across the country that aim to address critical needs in places where Nationwide colleagues are concentrated. Emergency and necessities, crisis stabilization, personal and family empowerment, and community enrichment are its four focused areas.

  • Tiffany – They promote the work of organizations committed to making a difference in protecting and preserving natural resources and ensuring responsible mining, protecting urban parks, and coral conservation.

  • Wawa – Nonprofit organizations whose main objective is health, hunger, and modern-day heroes can apply for this grant.

  • Union Bank –  This program focuses on promoting economic stability by assisting with capital access, entrepreneurship, job retention, retraining, and the provision of key social safety net services. Moreover, they launched the MUFG Union Bank Community Recovery Program that awards $10 million to nonprofit organizations that tackle the social and economic justice of communities of color. 

  • Southern Company – They offer to fund nonprofit organizations advertising the importance of boosting arts and culture, education, the environment, health and human services, and civic and community projects.

  • Tors R Us – They have a charity that aims to give their proceeds to nonprofit organizations that help combat children’s issues.

  • Wells Fargo – They seek to offer community donations to give to nonprofit organizations and schools, corporate citizenship initiatives, and environmental initiatives.

  • United Health – They give grants to local and national groups, invest in affordable housing, make in-kind gifts, help with disaster relief, and volunteer their time and resources to vital causes throughout the world to help deliver high-quality, affordable health care for everyone.

  • Tyson Foods – They promote food security and health & nutrition to be given to nonprofit organizations that address these issues.

  • Verizon – Employees at Verizon are actively involved in assisting neighbors and enhancing community capacity. They willingly donate their time, talent, and financial resources to charities.

  • Waste Management – They give importance to promoting environmental causes and education.

What are the Nonprofit grants in United States?

Funding can be a continual source of anxiety for some NGOs, but this year has been particularly difficult. To assist companies in making the transition to 2021 and focusing on recovery, there are several grants anyone can apply for as long as they have the requirements needed to be eligible.

Furthermore, the following list contains the nonprofit grants available in the U.S.:

  • State Department Human Trafficking and COVID-19 Grant – It seeks to fight human trafficking and is offering grants of over $100,000-$1,000,000 to organizations handling human trafficking cases.

  • Carnegie Corporation – They support education, democracy, and peace worldwide. They also give funding to any projects that involve education, politics, innovation, etc. Additionally, they also support higher education and research in sub-Saharan Africa.

  • BCBSM Foundation Special Initiative Grants – They have funding of over $25,000 given to nonprofit organizations that will then give to the residents of Massachusetts to promote healthcare.

  • Poetry Foundation Emergency Grants Fund – Due to the pandemic, the foundation is giving emergency grants ranging from $5,000 to $20,000 to promote poetry and arts-focused nonprofit organizations. The foundation is giving special attention to organizations that promote racial fairness in poetry.

  • Walmart Foundation – It provides grants and in-kind support to groups focused on economic opportunity, sustainability, community engagement, and racial equality.

  • Google for Nonprofits – Eligible applicants will be given various helpful Google tools such as Google Workspace, YouTube, and Google Earth and Maps’ data visualization and community-building resources for nonprofits.

  • Google Ad Grants – It has funding of over $10,000 of in-kind advertising through Google Ads that will be given to eligible organizations.

  • Bank of America Charitable Foundation Grants – They give funding to groups that seek to improve economic mobility, racial equality, and community vitality. Moreover, they are now planning to expand their funding to programs prioritizing housing, small business, and neighborhood revitalization.

  • 3M Foundation Grants – The Foundation awards funds to organizations that seek to deliver STEM and business education to underserved and underprivileged populations, as well as programs prioritizing conservation, water, and air quality, and environmental education.

  • Coca_Cola Foundation Grants – Founded in 1984, they already have given $5000,000 to organizations worldwide that have been making a difference in empowering women, economic development, water security, environmental sustainability, education, and disaster relief.

  • Amazon Web Services Imagine Grant – This is given to nonprofit organizations who are seeking to innovate technology to assist their missions. Amazon focuses on the reliability of programs concerning science and technology. More than that, they offer grant money of over $100,000.

Nonprofit Grants for Animals

Nonprofit grants for animals idealizes giving funding to nonprofit animal welfare organizations. They focus on sustaining and maintaining the wellbeing of animals all across the U.S. The funding these nonprofit animal welfare organizations receive immediately goes to rescuing and protecting animals. They will be responsible for catering and accommodating the needs of animals in need.

Furthermore, the following list contains nonprofit grants for animals:

  • The Doris Day Animal Foundation – They give financial assistance to nonprofit organizations that care and protect animals. They funded the necessary sustaining resources to continue helping animals in need.

  • Maddie’s Fund – Established in 1994 by Dave and Cheryl Duffield, it has long since provided grants to communities, shelters, and foster cares that give a home to animals with over $255 million. It all started with their dog, Maddie, who died in 1997.

  • ASPCA – They are one of the largest animal welfare grantmakers that has since been supporting U.S.-based nonprofit animal welfare organizations through financial assistance. They already granted over $100 million to over 3,000 animals shelters across the U.S.

  • Fund for Wild Nature -Small funds are available for North American campaigns to safeguard native species and natural habitats, with a focus on initiatives that protect threatened wildness and biological diversity.

  • Petco Foundation – They give sponsorships to nonprofit animal organizations that cater to animal needs, pet cancer, Helping Hero therapy, and working animals.

  • Binky Foundation – It’s a private charitable organization committed to protecting and saving domestic and wild animals and the expansion of their habitats. 

  • The Human Society – Due to the ramifications brought upon by the COVID-19, they create the COVID-19 Relief Fund that ensures the safety of pets and keeps them healthy amidst the current situation. From veterinary care to animal care supplies they pay for it.

  • Athletes for Animals – They give funding to animal welfare organizations that passed their qualifications to be eligible for this grant.

  • PetSmart Charities – Nonprofits, animal welfare organization and municipalities that are dedicated to creating animal programs and also supports human-animal bone are eligible for this grant.

  • 1 FUR 1 – They only give funding to public charities and not to individuals requesting a grant. Public charities must be U.S.-based and are in line with the grant’s purpose and mission.

Nonprofit Grants for the Environment in United States

The environment is what we see surrounding us. Life. There are living and nonliving things. There are interactions between plants, soil, water, animals, etc. that we see and hear every day these nonprofit grants aim to protect the environment. They mainly give funding to nonprofit organizations aiming to preserve the environment the best they could. They preserve it so that animals could have a home to live in and humans to enjoy visiting unless they destroy it. These grants will help nonprofit organizations strengthen their missions and visions to strive hard and find footing in this world in which they can make a difference to the environment.

Furthermore, the following list contains nonprofit grants for the environment in the U.S:

  • Disney Conservation – Founded in 1995, they are dedicated to taking on a mission that involves preserving and protecting wildlife and seeking to build a global community striving to enhance nature together. They already had given $100 million to nonprofit organizations whose goal was to save wildlife.

  • The Energy Foundation – It funds research and education to promote bipartisan policy systems that improve renewable energy and energy efficiency while also allowing for higher innovation and productivity, allowing the economy to flourish while emitting significantly less pollution. Their initiatives are centered on creating creative regulations and tactics to aid in the development of clean energy.

  • The Nature Conservancy – In 2018, they launched a program called the U.S> Natural Climate Solutions Accelerator program that oversees the work of presenting solutions to battle natural climate. They offer funding that will help find innovative solutions to decrease the emissions of greenhouse gasses and store more carbon on working lands across the U.S. They already gave funding of over $2.25 million to 15 projects.

  • SeaWorld & Busch Gardens Conservation Fund – They focus on the wellbeing of animals, preserve animals’ habitat, and fund research concerning species.

  • SC Johnson – It supports institutions and organizations whose mission is to serve or bring positive impacts to communities that we can expect significant results. They focus on areas such as community & economic development, social services, health & well-being, education, sustainability & environmental programs.

  • Mitsubishi Corporation Foundation for the Americas – They give direct grants and donations to U.S-based nonprofit organizations whose mission focuses on conservation, environmental justice, and education.

  • Ocean Grants – They established a program called Donor Advised Fund Program that aims to secure immediate favorable tax treatment. With this, they can attract donors and sponsors for their cause which is finding solutions to preserve ocean life

  • The Conservation Alliance – They prioritize North America’s wild place to be protected from any threats that would disrupt the animals’ habitat and recreational values. They give funding to nonprofit organizations working to protect and preserve special wildlands.

  • Farm Aid Foundation – It is dedicated to improving the viability of family farm farming in the United States. Farm Aid is dedicated to assisting farm, food, and rural organizations in addressing current issues, as well as elevating work that promotes fundamental change in our agricultural and food systems. In one of three financing areas, we award grants to qualified nonprofit groups that help family farmers.

  • The Ocean Fund – This is a program brought by Royal Caribbean and they give funding to organizations that protect and preserve the marine environment.

Nonprofit Grants Given to Communities in the United States

Community grants are funding that is given to qualified individuals and families all across the United States showing that they lack financial support in purchasing their needs. These grants also pay for their expenses or ease their expenses. They give primary support in fields such as education, health-related issues, etc.

Furthermore, the following list contains community grants in the U.S.:

  • INTEGRIS – Physicians, employees, and volunteers dedicated their lives to offering free clinical services, education programs that accommodate juvenile offenders, and giving senior citizens activities.

  • Girls Opportunity Alliance – This is established by Michelle Obama who has seen the struggle adolescent girls face every day. the unequal balance between girls and boys. This program is meant to help adolescent girls and give them funding for their needs.

  • The Valentine Foundation – It is a philanthropic organization dedicated to supporting organizations and programs that strive to accomplish significant changes in the social, economic, and political systems and institutions that affect women and girls’ lives to make their lives balanced. It mainly focuses on funding organizations in Greater Philadelphia.

  • American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry Foundation – They provide dental care to underprivileged children worth $20,000.

  • Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation – This campaigns fr equality between the privileged and marginalized communities. With that being said, it prioritizes the needs of marginalized communities by giving them funding to be used for their education, careers, etc

  • American Express – It was founded in 1850 and has been serving individuals to hone them to become a leader, conserving historic places, and giving them resources for their needs.

  • 3M Foundation – It seeks to build connections with communities worldwide and give them the resources they need to succeed. With its mission to enhance the quality of life of underserved families and give them opportunities that will benefit them, the foundation is striving to promote diverse communities.

  • CVS Community – CVS Community offers many grants and they aim to help health-related nonprofit groups achieve their goals. The qualified nonprofit organization was then required to provide services in at least one of these areas: access to health care for underprivileged communities, programs regarding chronic disease management, and tobacco prevention services.

  • Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration – The program’s purpose is to assist communities in expanding and strengthening treatment and recovery support services for people who are homeless, have a drug addiction, or recovering from drug addiction, and mental disorders.

  • Allstate Foundation – Through four key programs, it aims to offer individuals the power to achieve their goals: empowering adolescents to be the future generation of leaders, ending domestic violence and economic exploitation, celebrating community leadership and strengthening nonprofit leadership skills.

What are the nonprofit Grants for the Artists in United States?

Grants are given to qualified artists who don’t have to worry about repaying the money they’d received. Nonprofit grants for the artists are a kind of funding that supports and promotes the artists’ creative artworks in different forms. This will be an opportunity artist must take advantage of for it will benefit them immensely. Moreover, these grants will be used as their allowance or budget to continue expanding and enhancing their artworks nationwide.

Furthermore, the following list contains the nonprofit grants for artists in the U.S.:

  • Barnes & Noble – They give funding to nonprofit organizations whose mission is to focus on literacy, the arts, or education (pre-K-12). While their funding is limited, they seek to reach a wider diverse audience.

  • The Getty Foundation – The Getty Foundation awards the majority of its contributions to institutions and organizations through special initiatives focusing on a certain subject or location. In some circumstances, rather than an open competition, applications are accepted by invitation only.

  • Creative Work Fund – It promotes the different forms of artworks artists have created. Moreover, they seek to link artists and nonprofit organizations to create new artworks together.

  • The Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts – It supports and gives funding to institutions and organizations promoting different kinds of art.

  • Johnson Ohana Foundation – It supports organizations that are actively involved in the community. It focuses on supporting smaller organizations that work on topics that are important to their respective communities.

  • National Endowment for the Arts – It has various programs offered to artists, but Grants for Arts Projects is the most famous of all programs offered by the National Endowment for the Arts. It promotes different forms of art nationwide through project-based funding. With grant money amounting to at least $10,000-$100,000, they can develop their art career into so much more.

  • American Music Therapy Association – In a constantly changing world, the purpose of this non-profit organization is to raise public awareness about the benefits of music therapy and promote access to high-quality music therapy services.

  • Doris Duke Charitable Foundation – They give funding to artists whose specialization is in contemporary dance, jazz, and theater.

  • Adobe – This focuses on supporting nonprofit organizations and educational institutions that address social issues in communities and uplifting the face of creativity in every way possible. It offers grant money of over $20,000.

  • The Minority Arts and Education Fund (Cleveland Foundation) – The Cleveland Foundation established this grant that aims to boost the strength of arts organizations promoting the artworks of people of color. It has funding of over $5,000-$20,000.


If you want to start your own nonprofit organization but don’t have enough budget to do so, nonprofit grants are available for you to apply. These nonprofit grants will give you benefits to start your own nonprofit organization, starting with stating your purpose, why you want to start a nonprofit organization or what kind of societal issues you’re planning to address. Applying for a nonprofit grant will be beneficial in both ways because they’re helping each other to grow and expand as they help other people in need of their assistance. 

Are you looking for state specific information? You can start by checking out the Nonprofit Grants in Alaska.