What Are The Online Marketing Grants Available For Small Businesses

Last Updated on August 23, 2023 by Hannah Stevens

Online marketing refers to a set of tools and methods utilized in promoting items and services over the internet. Due to the additional channels and marketing techniques available on the internet, online marketing encompasses a broader range of marketing features than traditional corporate marketing. With the rise of digital or online shopping, online marketing is a great tool to advertise one’s product on any platform. These online marketing grants are often provided by Google and Facebook, the federal government, and other big companies. But what are these online marketing grants? How does it help small businesses to improve? What are the benefits one can seize when offered one? In this article, we will answer that questions one by one.

How does online marketing help nonprofits?

Google has helped billions of people worldwide by making information accessible to everyone. Nonprofits play a bigger role in developing and helping isolated and remote communities, and they are one of the entities that Google helps. Google offers them support, philanthropy, and products to boost their missions and visions into a reality, including Ad grants. Nowadays, everything is online. Processing paperwork or finding jobs, turning to the online world for profits represents a huge opportunity for people to grab it and utilize it to their ideals. For nonprofits, online marketing introduces them to resources and forums that will help them have a kickstart to sell in the online world. 

What is Online Marketing Assistance?

Online Marketing Assistance is a grant that provides financial help to people who just started marketing. This grant offers an amount of $1,000.00, including tax, per business. This is a one-time-only grant, so business owners and organizers should seize this opportunity to assist their projects to thrive in the marketing world. Additionally, this grant is also applicable to business owners who want to apply for an amount less than $1,000.00. The stipend from the grant can be used for a social media marketing strategy, paid digital and search engine marketing, partnership with an influencer, and digital content creation. If applicants fail to compensate for their online or digital marketing and promotion benefits, their grants will be forfeited.

The Google Ads Grant Program

Nonprofits can use web marketing to reach a large audience. Every day, Google analyzes billions of searches. It also allows for delivering highly targeted messages—ads that respond to a person’s Google Search query. It’s also highly measurable in terms of a variety of charitable aims. Finally, it’s incredibly responsive, with advertising that may be online in minutes, allowing NGOs to respond to current events if they’re ready. Google Ad Grants have provided over $9 billion in free advertising to over 115,000 NGOs in over 50 countries since 2003. Michelle Hurtado, who began her career in nonprofit communications and witnessed how online ads level the playing field and offer smaller organizations a voice, is the program’s director. Her global team now assists NGOs in raising awareness, attracting funders, and assisting people worldwide. Ad Grants can be valued at up to $10,000 monthly in free Google Search ads. It provides nonprofits with the power online ads bring.

How do Google Ad Grants fit into a company’s overall online marketing strategy?

Google’s purpose is to organize the world’s information and make it accessible and helpful to everyone. In this case, Google Search is crucial. Google Ads can have a powerful impact on every search result, so Google created the Ad Grants to help NGOs with limited resources access information on Google.com. An online marketing strategy can also be related to how Google Ad Grants work in the manner that it gives endless opportunities for companies and organizations to prosper and at the same time, gain profit. This grant is financial assistance that will help boost a company’s product to be advertised as a Google Ad in every search.

What kind of NGOs has the best results with Google Ad Grants?

NGOs who have established a high-quality website that functions well, is simple, and delivers a clear message to its readers will likely be successful with Google Ad Grants. Further, NGOs who have stated their goal clearly and refreshed their ads can attain improved ad performance. Additionally, websites actively running their content fresh and Ad Grants are critical if NGOs want to have a successful streak in Google ads. Suppose there’s any difficulty in procuring these steps. In that case, Google Ad grants have partners with agencies and consultants in their Certified Professionals Community that will cater to nonprofits’ questions and concerns regarding Google Ad Grants ads. 

Facebook Small Business Grants Program

Facebook has launched its own grant program named Small Business Grants programme, which offers $100 million and ad credits intended for small businesses across over 30 countries. Eligible applicants will receive their ad credit once they have provided their valid Facebook or Instagram account and a valid payment method on their account, which where will Facebook deposit the ad credit. Instructions on how to obtain ad credit will be sent to the applicant’s email. 

Utilizing the ad credit shall not violate the terms and regulations of the Facebook Small Business Grant programme. An expiration date for the ad credit is listed in Ads Manager, and once the credit has reached its expiration date, there will be a payment for any advertising. Moreover, receiving a cash grant before the ad credit is normal. The grants administrator has to inform Facebook that the eligible applicants can receive an ad credit. They do this once they’ve finished distributing the cash grant, and cash grant and ad credit are two separate benefits that cannot be interchanged with each other. If you want to transfer your ad credit to another person or account, it’s not allowed. If you have any further questions regarding this program, visit their Facebook Help Centre or Instagram Help Centre.

Eligible Applicants For Facebook Small Business Grants

Facebook Small Business Grants was established to help needy people survive at this time of the year. If you wish to apply for Facebook Small Business Grants, here are the eligibility requirements you can check out:

Eligible business applicants for the Facebook grants must:

  • Be a for-profit company
  • Employ between 2 and 50 workers
  • Have been in business for more than a year
  • Have been negatively impacted by the pandemic
  • Located in or near the place Facebook operates

If your business is listed in eligible cities, before applying, you’ll need to gather your documents – at least one of the following:

  • Federal Employer Identification Number (FEIN)
  • Partnership documents
  • Business license
  • Proof of incorporation
  • Official registration

List of Online Technology Grants for Nonprofits

Technology grants are a fantastic option for any nonprofit organization in need of additional funding to assist them to develop their marketing technology infrastructure. While many corporations give technology grants to nonprofit groups, it can be difficult to select which grants will best help your organization reach its specific goals. However, don’t worry, we will give you a list of available technology grant programs you can apply to!

Listed below is the list of popular technology grants you can check out:

  • Google Ad Grants Program
  • Amazon Web Services (AWS) Nonprofit Credit Program
  • Microsoft Nonprofit Offers
  • Salesforce Nonprofit Success Pack

What is the State Grant in Pennsylvania that is now offering digital marketing assistance?

Because of COVID-19 travel challenges, a state grant program that assists businesses in increasing export sales supports new activities. Grants for e-commerce, digital marketing, marketing media design, and specific qualifications are now available under the Global Access Program (GAP). The Export Formulation program of the SEDA-Council of Governments (SEDA-COG) aids firms with application development, submittal, reporting, and reimbursement, among other things.

The program was founded eight years ago, and since then, it has helped 63 companies with 103 grants amounting to $371, 525. The program is located in central Pennsylvania and addresses the problems of small businesses and communities in central Pennsylvania only. Moreover, the program is sponsored by the state Department of Community & Economic Development’s Office of International Business Development and Partnerships for Regional Economic Performance. 

The stipend from the grant can be used for e-commerce and digital marketing and payments for the Design of Marketing Media. The program continues to provide grants for the following activities: overseas trade mission participation (in-person and virtual), overseas trade show exhibition (in-person and virtual), domestic trade show exhibition (in-person and virtual), foreign market sales trip, subscription to U.S. Department of Commerce services, compliance testing, and federal services that directly support exporting. 

How to apply for the Global Access Program Grants?

The Global Access Program (GAP) is meant to help small and medium-sized businesses in Pennsylvania expand their export sales. The Pennsylvania Office of International Business Development (OIBD) administers GAP, which awards up to $10,000 per award period to qualifying Pennsylvania businesses to repay up to 75% of eligible expenses related to particular export promotion efforts. A grant from the United States partially supports the initiative. SBA stands for Small Business Administration. To apply for the program, one must submit their Regional Export Network Partner (REN) at least 45 days before the activity for which funding is needed. Then, the REN will forward the application to the GAP Administrator to determine if it’s subject to approval or not.

How can businesses maximize ad credit?

The ad credit can be used on any of Google’s advertising platforms, including Facebook and Instagram, for any future ad spend. It can’t be used for ad spending that happened before the ad credit was applied, and it can’t be used in any way that violates Facebook’s Advertising Policies or the Facebook Small Business Grant program’s terms. Please note that the grant cash and ad credit cannot be utilized for any political ads on Google.

Digital Marketing Assistance Grant Program in Indiana

The Digital Marketing Assistance Program (DMAP) is established by The Hoosier Heartland Indiana Small Business Development Center and Purdue Center for Regional Development (PCRD). The funds coming from this program are sponsored by the Small Business Administration and the CARES Act, which offers direct assistance to businesses greatly affected by the pandemic. The program gives attention to the rise of digital marketing and incorporates it to help small businesses to develop and improve during these trying times.

This is a cost-sharing initiative in which we invest two dollars for every dollar our clients invest in digital marketing infrastructure. This reduces the cost of professional suppliers’ work by up to two-thirds. Suppose to say there is a $10,000 project to upgrade a website: the client will invest $3,333.333 and HHISBDC will provide $6,666.67.

As the industry adjusts and recovers, DMAP focuses on firms with modest to big digital marketing demands. DMAP will alleviate the financial strain for clients that want to significantly boost their web presence. The Hoosier Heartland Indiana SBDC team designed this program in-house and will administer it. Because the vendors who undertake the work are also from the area, this initiative can assist a wide range of enterprises. Additionally, this program is limited to businesses that have been labelled as a small businesses in Hoosier Heartland Region and have less than 500 employees.

Digital Marketing Assistance Grant Program in California

Two grant programs offer digital marketing assistance in California. The Small Business Digital Marketing Program and the California Small Business Covid-19 Relief Grant Program. 

The City of Buena Park acknowledges that small companies have been particularly hard hit by the COVID-19 outbreak, emphasizing the importance of having an internet presence. In collaboration with the Small Business Development Center, the City of Buena Park has developed a Small Business Digital Marketing Program (SBDC). 

An online presence is important for small businesses. The Small Business Digital Marketing Program is a six-week on-site training program for small business owners. The benefits from this program will focus on classes about Google, Social Media Advertising, and Setting up Ad Campaigns. After the participants have completed the third week of classes, they will be given $500 to create a paid advertising campaign on platforms such as Facebook and Instagram. Additionally, each participant will have their own consultant throughout the training. Ten participants will also be chosen by lottery, two persons per City Council district.

The eligibility requirements for this program are as follows: the business must be a for-profit business physically located in Buena Park; the business must be located in a commercial or industrial zone; the business must have an active Buena Part business license for a minimum of six months prior to application; the business must be in good standing with the City (current on bills, no liens or judgements, etc.) unless directly correlated to COVID-19 impacts; the business must submit the application and all required supporting documentation, and city employees or elected and appointed officials are not eligible to participate in this program.

The California Office of the Small Business and Advocate (CaIOSBA) ensures that all California small companies and innovative startups receive the information and support to navigate resources, initiatives, and laws better. They represent small businesses in California, considering their perspectives and interests throughout the state and pushing for equal access to financing, markets, and networks so that all small businesses in the state can start, manage, expand, and persevere. 

They started a partnership with California Dream Fund Program. This program is a one-time-only grant and it amounts to up to a $35 million grant that offers microgrants to seed entrepreneurship and small businesses in California. Eligibility requirements include completing rigorous training and consulting program with one of 17 technical assistance centers selected from CaIOSBA’s Technical Assistance Expansion Program (TAEP) network. Additionally, if these business owners have completed the program they will be given a microgrant valued at $10,000.

Digital Marketing Assistance Grant Program in Washington

Experience Chehalis is a digital marketing grant program that matches donations to improve the online presence of downtown businesses. The funding program is designed to assist businesses in gaining a greater online presence. The program’s goal is to boost the viability of downtown Chehalis companies by providing funding for a strong, well-positioned internet presence.

Experience Chehalis, a Main Street community, is offering a Digital Marketing Grant. This workshop is designed for downtown business owners who want to build or expand their web presence. Their Economic Restructuring Committee oversees the digital marketing grant program, which involves giving possibilities for business support and development.

The grants offer a 75% match of project costs amounting to up to $2,500 per business for approved upgrade costs. Eligible grant expenses include creating or improving a business website, digital marketing advertising, e-commerce development costs, and social media management. Grants will be awarded on a first-come, first-served basis, based on available funds. Annually, applications will be accepted for as long as funds are available. Experience Chehalis will examine and award the applications.

An applicant is eligible to apply if they passed the eligibility requirements: an owner(s) or a business, and each business is eligible for a 75% match of a project that costs $2,500 (total project costs can exceed this threshold); a business owner with multiple businesses may apply for funds to improve each business, and business must be located within Experience Chehalis’s “Main Street Program” Area. 

Digital Marketing Grant in Arizona

Injected Media is a digital marketing company based in Tucson through Southwest advertising technology growth in these places. To widen their audience reach, they created a Small Business Grant Program that will assist any locally owned businesses and organizations in Arizona affected by the pandemic crisis. Its mission centers on its intention to offer phone support and advertisement to businesses ho relies on improving their online presence and sales more than ever before. 

The grants provided by Injected Media amounted to $500 to $5,000 worth of online marketing services, varying from the applicants’ need to turn their business into an online shop. The award-winning services were chosen (and designed) to assist small businesses in dealing with drastic business changes imposed by the quarantine shut down, such as selling online, SMS text-based customer communication, web-based scheduling, and working with remote employees or contractors teams, and even conducting digital fundraising campaigns. These grants will be awarded in April, May, and June, and the money must be spent in the given 3-month time frame after the grant is received.

 However, for interested applicants who want to apply, there are eligibility requirements you need to have. Small businesses and organizations located in Arizona who need web-based communications for employees or customers, including video conferencing, chat, and other help-desk type solutions; remote task coordination or team management; online credit card processing; fundraising or donations online; and sale and promotion are eligible to apply.