Paws in Need

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Paws In Need is not a shelter or physical rescue organization. Instead, they focus their efforts on serving the general public. Their team collaborates closely with other no-kill rescue and shelter organizations, as well as working in conjunction with local Animal Control agencies that deal with cases like feral cats and animals kept by hoarders. Paws In Need offer important spay/neuter services to feral and stray animals, and for companion animals of those with low-income.

The organization has seen the positive impact their programs have had on the lives of the people and communities they serve. The vital services they provide can transform communities by providing essential services to underserved groups and giving people the assurance that their companion animals and stray pets will be safe and well-cared for.

Aggressive Spay/Neuter Program

Financial support is available to help pay for low-cost spay or neuter procedures for dogs and cats. This helps to decrease suffering, illness, surrender, or euthanasia of companion and stray animals. Spay and neuter interventions can also help to prevent overpopulation of dogs and cats, which prevents them from being placed in shelters that are already overcrowded.

Urgent Care / Advanced Procedures Program

This program provides cost-sharing assistance for struggling pet owners for one-time urgent medical treatment for their pet. These programs are particularly important for seniors who often live on a fixed income, and often have their only source of companionship in the form of their pet(s). The same benefits apply to homeless people who are close to their companion animals but are struggling to survive day by day.

Compassionate TNR (Trap-Neuter-Release) Program

This is a best practice approach created to address the free-roaming local feral cat colonies. It is implemented to provide humane treatment for animals, reduce injuries and diseases, manage animal overpopulation, and promote health through wellness checks, and administer vaccinations.

For more information on any of these programs, please send an email to e-mail [email protected] or leave a voicemail at (925) 551-1877.


Your donation may help a pet get the treatment and care they need which their caretakers might not be able to afford.

$15 helps fund flea treatment for one animal

$25 helps fund vaccines (rabies and distemper) for one animal

$50 helps fund vaccines (rabies and distemper) for two animals

$75 helps fund a neuter surgery for one feline male

$100 helps fund a spay surgery for one feline female

$125 helps fund a neuter surgery for one canine male

$150 helps fund a spay surgery for one canine female

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