Pet Grants – Animal Welfare And Financial Support For Pet Owners With Disabilities

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Having animals as pets is a good thing. Most of the time, it’s a relief. They are everyone’s best friend and family. They make everyone’s lives colorful and lively. Animals are precious creatures that are bestowed upon us. However, while it’s advisable to own or adopt a pet animal, taking care of them is another thing. Pet food, medications, veterinary visits will most likely take up space in one’s wallet. The expenses are too expensive, and finding money for it is daunting. For low-income pet owners, this is even more difficult for them. Fortunately, there are grants intended for pet owners to use. In this article, I will be discussing various grants you can check out and apply for.

Grants For Animal Welfare In United States

It would be easier if pet owners have the means to pay for any veterinary services for their pets. However, money is always hard to come by. It’ll be even too hard if your pets are suffering from a medical condition that needs professional help. Luckily, there are various grants you can apply for that can help you pay for costly veterinary services.

Furthermore, the following list contains U.S. grants for animals:

  • Banfield Foundation – They offer funding to U.S. programs intended to keep pets and owners together.

  • Animal Farm Foundation – They have two programs namely People and Pets Together Grant and Removing Breed Labels Grant dedicated to address issues that breaks the human-animal bonds.

  • ASPCA Grants Program – They offer cash grants, training, and sponsorships to various U.S.-based nonprofit animal welfare organizations.

  • The Binky Foundation – They provide a streamline grant program to animal welfare organizations and offering a $1,000 “First Steps” grants.

  • The Summerlee Foundation – They help cats in the U.S. and Canada and dogs in Latin America. Additionally, they also help conserve wildlife, marine life, home for captive animals, rehabilitation, and emergency funding.

  • American Humane – They facilitate the Meacham grant that offers financial assistance to agencies specializing in shelter expansion or improvements.

  • The Doris Day Animal Foundation – They give financial assistance to organizations that aims to care and protect animals. They also focus on programs that give advantage to senior pets and people who love them.

  • Friends for Pets Foundation – They offer a one-time grant of over $50,000 to be offered to U.S.-based animal rescue organizations.

  • The Grey Muzzle Organization – They support organizations whose mission is to help senior dogs.

  • The Kenneth A. Scott Charitable Trust – They seek proposals from active U.S.-based humane organizations that aim to improve the quality of life of animals in Ohio and in the Great Lakes region. 

  • Laura J. Niles Foundation – They give their support to charities upholding the importance of canine and other animal companionship. Moreover, they also focus on human assistance, search and rescue training, canine health research, and animal protection and adoption.

  • The USDA Rural Development Community Facilities Direct Loan & Grant – They provide grants and loans for community facilities, including municipal and private animal shelters, with a population of less than 20,000.

  • Live Stream Camera Grant for Animal Welfare – They support nonprofit organizations to widen their audience reach.

  • Pecto Love – They  support nonprofit animal welfare organizations dedicated to helping animals in need.

  • Bissell Pet Foundation – They support animal shelters rescuing and taking care of homeless/stray animals across the country. Additionally, organization whose mission is to decrease the number of homeless pet population are also eligible for this grant.

  • Maddie’s Fund – This is owned by a BIPOC individual whose dedication lies in awarding grants to nonprofits helping animals.

  • National Dog Abuse Investigation and Prosecution Program – They help prosecutors win cases concerning canine cruelty and dogfighting cases. They ensure that these cases will be properly investigated and address financial barriers between law enforcement and prosecutors.

  • The William and Charlotte parks Foundation for Animal Welfare – They offer grants intended to support research and projects concerning the welfare of animals.

  • The pedigree Foundation – They seek to support organizations helping dogs and will be given grants.

  • Oxbow Animal Rescue Grant – They offer their support to functional programs for rescue organizations intended to protect small mammals, exotic s, and wildlife.

  • The Rachael Ray Foundation They are associated with Best Friends Animal Society dedicated to help Best Friends Network Partners to increase lifesaving in their communities through innovative programming.

  • Petfinder Foundation – This is available to PetFinder members who will receive various grants intended for any veterinary services.

  • PetSmart Charities, Inc. – They offer assistance to municipalities, animal welfare organizations, and nonprofits dedicated to uphold the value of human-animal bond.

How did the humane society of United States provided support for animals during Covid 19?

Pet owners are frequently forced to abandon their cherished companions when their financial suffering exceeds their capacity to meet the costs of caring for them, as we have seen in prior periods of economic crisis. After that, shelters and rescue organizations struggle to cover the costs. Now as we were struck with the pandemic, it’s even more difficult to afford veterinary costs. The COVID-19 Relief Fund was established by the Humane Society of the United States in response to the coronavirus outbreak to help keep pets with their owners. Veterinary care, pet food, horse feed, and animal care supplies, as well as other expenditures associated with caring for animals during the outbreak, are all covered by contributions to the fund. The money is being distributed all around the country. 

State-specific funds for Animals

Going to a veterinary clinic is expensive. Buying their pets’ needed medications alone is already expensive, not adding the additional costs for whatever services the veterinary clinic had to perform to save animals. In that case, there are various organizations located in each state offering grants that will help owners pay for their veterinary expenses.

Furthermore, the following list contains funds for animals in each state:

  • Arizona
    • Animal Aid Network’s SAVE Fund – They offer financial assistance to be used for medical emergencies in the Valley Verde area. However, they are required to sign a contract saying they need to repay the fund they applied for so that other qualified applicants will be given funding for the treatment of their pets.

  • Alaska
    • Friends of pets in Anchorage – Offered to the residents of Anchorage, they will receive emergency funding and affordable spay/neuter surgery.
    • Save our Seward (SOS) Pets – They provide emergency funding intended for rescued and stray animals living in Seward and an affordable spay/neuter surgery.

You can also read our post about the Alaska Equine Rescue.

  • California: Los Angeles
    • Actors and Others for Animals – They are located in Southern California and offer funding for any emergency medical surgeries to low-income pet owners.
    • Mercy Crusade – They provide affordable veterinary exams.
    • Holiday Humane Society – They are a private hospital that provides affordable services in Los Angeles.
    • Pet Orphans – They provide assistance to rescuers responsible for spay/neuter surgeries, vaccinations, and adoption events.
    • The Sam Simon Foundation – Pet owners living in Los Angeles will be able to apply for this program and receive affordable non-orthopedic surgeries.
    • Voice for the Animals Foundation Helping Friends Program – They offer assistance to senior citizens, disabled people, and people with chronic diseases to care for their pets.

  • Arkansas
    • For Pets’ Sake Best Friends Program – This is given to senior citizens and special-needs pet owners living in northwest Arkansas. They offer financial assistance for veterinary services and pet food banks and temporary assistance for pet care during hospitalizations.

  • Colorado
    • Denver area: PetAid Animal Hospital – They support and provide assistance to individuals, 60 rescue and shelter groups, and nonprofit organizations in need of professional help for service animals or therapy animals.
    • Boulder Valley: The Humane Society of the Boulder Valley’s CARE program – They provide affordable spay/neuter surgeries to low-income pet owners.
    • Colorado Springs: Harley’s Hope Foundation – They offer financial assistance as payment for any emergency veterinary care living temporarily with pet owners suffering from a medical condition.

You can also take a look at the Veterinary Hospital at CSU Spur.

  • California: Other Areas
    • Orange County: Animal Assistance League of Orange County – They have a referral program for vet care, vaccines, and affordable spay/neuter services.
    • Orange County: Rescuing Unwanted Furry Friends (RUFF) – They help sick and injured pets in Orange County, offers assistance for pet owners and rescuers of homeless/stray pets.
    • San Diego County: Foundation for Animal Care and Education (FACE) – They offer funding to pet owners who are unable to pay for the cost of their pet’s emergency or critical care.
    • San Francisco: Pets Are Wonderful Support (PAWS) – Senior citizens who are suffering from HIV/AIDS are eligible to apply for this program. They offer financial assistance to better take care of their pets.

  • Connecticut
    • Idaho
    • Boise: The Idaho Humane Society STAR Fund – They have a nonprofit veterinary hospital aiming to offer affordable services to the public.

You can also take a look at Reggie’s Pet Project – Financial Assistance.

  • Delaware

You can check out Grass Roots Rescue in Delaware.

  • Illinois 
    • Newington: Connecticut Humane Society’s Fox Memorial Clinic – They provide veterinary care for low-income pet owners.

  • Florida

You can check out Frankie’s Friends in Florida.

  • Iowa
    • Rge Brown Dog Foundation – This is offered to the residents of Illinois, Iowa, and Tennessee to help decrease the amount of expenses of veterinary care and treatment of chronic conditions.

  • Massachusetts
    • Cape Cod and the islands: The Sampson Fund – They offer assistance to care for sick and injured cats and dogs in need of professional help.
    • Angell Animal Medical Center-Boston – They provide financial assistance through their MSPCA’s Pet Care Assistance program.

  • Michigan
    • The Michigan Humane Society – They are dedicated to offer pet adoption to new pet owners.

  • New Jersey
    • God’s Creature Ministry Veterinary Charity Fund – A maximum funding of $50 with veterinary bills.

  • New York
    • All 4 Pets West New York – This is a one-time grant given to qualified responsible pet owners to pay for any veterinary care .

  • Oregon
    • Portland: The Velvet Financial Assistance Fund –  This program is under Dove Lewis Emergency Animal Hospital that will cater the emergency vet care for low-income pet owners. Interested applicants are required to apply and use funds through CareCredit. The funding they will receive amounts to $750.
    • Lane County: Pro-Bone-O – A nonprofit organization aiming to give free veterinary services to homeless pet owners.

  • Rhode Island
    • Volunteer Services for Animals (VSA) – This is a volunteer-run organization who promotes the wellbeing of animals and uplifts the value of human-animal bond.
    • RIVMA’s Companion Animal Foundation – They offer financial assistance to qualified pet owners to pay the veterinary expenses.

  • Tennessee
    • The Brown Dog Foundation – This is offered to pet owners living in Illinois, Iowa, and Tennessee. They will receive financial assistance that will be used to pay for any veterinary emergencies and treatment of chronic conditions.

  • Pennsylvania
    • The Humane Animal Rescue – They provide affordable pet services.
    • Centre County: PAWS of Centre County – They offer funding intended for veterinary help to homeless/stray animals.

  • Washington
    • The Good Samaritan Fund – This is an all-exclusive program of Washington State University’s College of Veterinary Medicine. They offer homes to homeless/stray or special-needs animals. Additionally, they are also allowed to be in classrooms with students.
    •  Concern for Animals – They offer financial assistance to pet owners wanting their pets to undergo a spay/neuter emergency vet care.

  • Utah 
    • Pet Samaritan Fund – This is offered to pet owners who don’t have any money to pay the veterinary expenses for their pets.

  • Virginia 
    • Companion Animal Resource Effort (CARE) – They provide temporary financial assistance to pet owners living in Loudoun County who are, at the time, can’t afford to pay the veterinary expenses.

  • Washington, D.C.
    • Humane Rescue Alliance – They offer affordable veterinary care and spay/neuter surgery for low-income pet owners.

You can also check out PETS DC.

  • Wisconsin
    • The Wisconsin Humane Society – Low-income residents of Milwaukee/Ozaukee County are eligible to receive affordable veterinary care. 

Grants for dogs with diseases

Pets who have medical conditions may find it too hard to seek treatment immediately due to its costly expenses. Pet owners wouldn’t want their pets to die on them because of their failure to bring them to a veterinarian. Similar to humans who need a medical profession when undergoing a medical condition, pets also need it and they also need money. Fortunately, there are organizations who offer grants for this certain kind of dilemma.

Furthermore, the following list contains grants for dogs and diseases:

  • Cancer
    • The Magic Bullet Fund – They offer financial assistance for any surgery concerning tumor removal and chemotherapy for lymphoma.
    • The Animal Cancer Therapy Subsidization Society – This is available to pet owners in Alberta, Canada. They seek to provide affordable veterinary cancer treatment to pets that have cancer. Aside from that, they give financial assistance for taking care of pets. 
    • The Live Like Roo Foundation – This provides grants to be used as payment for any veterinary expenses to be given to families whose pets are going through cancer.

  • Lymphoma
    • Frankie’s Friends – A nonprofit organization providing funding for any emergency medical care for pets.

Grants for pet-owners with illness and disability or senior citizens

Pet owners who are suffering from any medical conditions and senior citizens will have difficulty when taking care of their pets, especially if they’re living alone. There wouldn’t be someone who would feed their pets or even take them to a veterinarian because of the expenses. Buying the necessary resources to tend to their pets’ needs is costly. However, there are organizations who are offering services and grants intended to help pet owners and their pets.

Furthermore, the following list contains grants for pet owners with illness and disability or senior citizens:

  • California
    • Helen Woodward Animal Center’s AniMeals program – Elderly or disabled people living in San Diego County are eligible to apply for this program. They provide free pet foods intended for dogs and cats.
    • Pets are Loving Support – They offer assistance to people suffering HIV/AIDS to care for their pets as long as possible.

  • Florida
    • Pet Alliance of Greater Orlando – Seniors residing in Orange Osceola and Seminole counties will be given assistance to care for their pets once they are qualified.

  • Georgia
    • Pets are Loving Support – Elderly or disabled pet owners can apply for this program. They provide free food, support, and basic veterinary care for their pets.

  • Illinois
    • Blessed Bonds – They offer assistance to pet owners who are having a hard time taking care of their pets.

  • Michigan
    • The Michigan Humane Society – They offer affordable veterinary care, a food bank, and other services to pet owners.

  • New Jersey
    • PetPALS of Southern New Jersey – They offer financial assistance to senior citizens who are suffering from terminal or chronic diseases to help take care of their pets.

  • New York
    • The Humane Society at Lollypop Farms – This is only given to senior citizens taking care of their pets. They also provide a pet food bank for as long as possible.

  • Virginia
    • C. A. R. E. – This is available to elderly, seriously ill or injured pet owners who cannot afford any services needed for their pets to stay healthy. They offer financial assistance and services that seek to improve the quality of life of their pets.

  • Washington
    • The Seattle Humane Society – It seeks to offer assistance on people committing to take care of their pets forever. Low-income senior citizens can have a supplemental supply of pet food while individuals suffering from AIDS can have pet food, veterinary care, grooming, and pet supplies. 

  • Washington, D.C.
    • PETS-DC – They give assistance to people with HIV/AIDS or any illnesses and their pets. They are dedicated to improving their quality of life and they offer grooming, public health education, veterinary care, foster care and adoption services, pet food, and exercise.

Financial aid assistance for pet owners in need

Financial aid assistance is hard to find, especially during these times. However, charities and organizations are also growing in number to help pet owners ease their financial burden when it comes to admitting their animals to veterinary care. There are various organizations that offer grants to be given to pet owners.

Furthermore, the following list contains organizations offering financial aid assistance for pet owners in need:

  • Frankie’s Friends – A nonprofit organization dedicated to developing solutions to save pets from life-threatening illness conditions. They offer grants in the form of financial assistance.

  • RedRover Relief – They offer funding and necessary resources to be given to pet owners and rescuers to help animals in need of veterinary care.

  • The Pet Fund – A nonprofit organization with a mission to help animals in need of veterinary care. They seek to decrease the number of animals dying due to failure of receiving medical assistance.

  • Live Like Roo Foundation – A volunteer-run organization that offers financial assistance and support to pet owners whose dog is diagnosed with cancer. 

  • CareCredit – It’s a credit that provides financial assistance and low monthly payment options, no repayment penalties and no upfront costs intended for their pets to have a healthy life.

  • Best Friends Financial Aid Listing
    • The Anti-Cruelty Society – Low-income pet owners living in Chicago will receive veterinary services for their pets.
    • The Brown Dog Foundation – They offer financial assistance to be used for any veterinary emergencies or medications for low-income pet owners living in Illinois, Iowa, and Tennessee.
    • Spay Illinois – They created a program called “Project Families” meant to offer sliding-scale coverage for neuter and spay surgery, or emergency care.

American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Grants

ASPCA is one of the grant-making organizations in the U.S. They offer financial assistance to emergencies and valuable resources and equipment needed. They are widely known as giving animal welfare grants to organizations in the U.S. Every year, ASPCA is also growing to become one of the largest animal welfare grant makers. 

Furthermore, the following list contains ASPCA grants:

  • Animal Shelter & Rescue Grants – This grant is focusing on decreasing the number of stray dogs or living in dog shelters to either be adopted or or perform euthanasia. This grant offers relocation programs, Special Requests for Proposals (RFPs), spay/neuter and shelter programs, and conference sponsorship and scholarships.

  • Anti-Cruelty Grants – This campaigns for anti-animal cruelty. Organizations advocating for the same campaign as the Anti-Cruelty grants will be given financial assistance.

  • Equine Grants – Animal Welfare Organizations that promote the wellbeing of ponies, donkeys, horses, and mules – both wild and domestic – are eligible for this grant. They will be offered housing and rehabilitations, emergency financial assistance, and various projects and programs equipped for taking care of equines.

  • Emergency & Disaster Response Grants – Financial assistance will be given to animal welfare organizations and government agencies whose communities went through natural and other disasters. Offers from this grant ranges from food resources, shelter/rescue equipment, rescuing animals, veterinary expenses, and building repairs.


Pets are already a part of our lives. Most of the time, they’re half of our souls. While it’s calming and peaceful to take care of a pet, if the owner has a disability, it’ll be difficult for them to keep up with taking care of them. Going to the veterinary clinics, their food, and medicines, medicines should they have an illness are too expensive. Pet grants are a great way to help pet owners with disabilities in terms of financial assistance to pay for their pets’ needs expenses or send someone over to the pet owners to take care of their pets instead.