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Ag Professionals Receiving Training in Soil Management Practices

The University of Puerto Rico’s soil resource specialists and USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service’s soil management experts are training extension agents on the island about soil nutrient management to fill in the educational and resource gap between farmers and ag professionals.

Training is funded by a Southern Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education Professional Development Program Grant. It’s taking place in five regions of Puerto Rico: Arecibo (Gurabo), Gurabo, Mayaguez and Ponce. These regions are home to 67 extension agents that serve more than 1,100 farmers.

The workshops will be held over the course of one year and cover topics such as soil sampling, soil analysis interpretations, nutrient recommendation, soil nutrient management and soil quality/health. Also, resource tools are being created, including instructional videos about soil management relevant to tropical agriculture and a website on soil management

SARE in Puerto Rico

The University of Puerto Rico at Mayaguez College of Agriculture Sciences sponsors the Puerto Rico Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education program. Through education and research, the university aims to improve Puerto Rico’s economic, social and environmental sustainability. Puerto Rico SARE works with extension faculty, researchers, producers, and community groups to find and implement science-based practices in all areas of Puerto Rico’s agriculture system. SARE provides education in sustainable agriculture through a variety of training each year.

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Puerto Rico Impacts

  • $4.2 million in funding since 1988
  • 30 projects funded since 1988

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Professional Development Program

In each state, agricultural educators work directly alongside farmers and ranchers to promote sustainable agriculture production and marketing. SARE state agricultural coordinators offer support in sustainable agriculture education and outreach strategies through a program called “The Professional Development Program” (PDP).

Fellows Program

The Sustainable Agriculture Fellows Program is offered by SARE and NACAA. It enhances Cooperative Extension staff’s knowledge of sustainable agriculture and gives them broad-based national exposure to unique and successful sustainable agriculture programs.

State Contacts

SARE State Coordinators play a vital role in expanding sustainable agriculture training for Extension, NRCS and other agricultural professionals. This will help producers transition to a more sustainable farming system.

Nicolas Cartagena

University of Puerto Rico

Email | (787) 752-0065

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