Saddleback Valley Humane Society

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Services Provided

Saddleback Valley Humane Society was established with the intention of supporting companion animals in need. Since the inception of the organization, they have tried to help those most in need.

The entire team is composed of volunteers.

NOTE: They do not operate a shelter and cannot accept any animals.

Shelters are available in Orange County, San Clemente, Mission Viejo, and Irvine.

Please read the following information carefully if you require financial assistance to pay for a pet’s medical bills or spay/neuter:

General Medical

Financial assistance will only be offered to pets whose guardians live in Central or South Orange County. This is generally those within the area codes 714 and 949. Pets outside of their service may be referred to another service provider.

Before they provide financial assistance, a volunteer must talk to your vet or someone from the vet’s office. They will discuss the nature of the pet’s injury or illness, the recommended diagnostic tests, the prescribed treatment, prognosis, and the estimated cost. These factors will help them decide how much they can offer to help care for your pet.

However, there is no guarantee that they will offer financial assistance in every case. The amount of financial assistance offered is determined on a case-by-case basis.

Call the Helpline at 949.262.5859 to request financial assistance. The volunteers monitor this answering service. Please leave a detailed message, including your first and last name, your phone number, your city, and the name and number of your veterinarian. Also, you must describe the nature of injury or illness of your pet.

Or you may contact them via email at [email protected]. Please include your first and last name, the city in which you reside, your phone number and email, and a description of your pet’s illness or injury. Don’t forget to add your vet’s name and phone number.

They ONLY reimburse veterinarians, not individuals – no exceptions.

Because of the high volume of calls, not all calls will get returned. You may not receive a response due to the volume of emails we receive as well.


Central and South Orange County, CA

The organization is committed to decreasing pet population. To request financial assistance for spay or neuter, if you live in Central or South Orange County, California please call the Helpline at 949.262.5859. This number is ONLY available, however, after you have chosen a veterinarian and set an appointment for the procedure. Please leave a message for us via phone at 949.262.5859 with your first and last name (under which the pet is listed at the veterinarian’s office) and phone number. Also include the date and time of the procedure. They don’t issue vouchers. And they only reimburse veterinarians, not the individuals – no exceptions.

In Central and South Orange County, California

If you require a veterinarian who offers less expensive services:

  • Stanton Pet Hospital, Stanton, 714.828.5891
  • El Toro Animal Hospital, Lake Forest, 949.837.5222
  • Laguna Pet Care Center, Laguna Hills, 949.581.7387
  • Plaza Pet Hospital, Lake Forest, 949.581.7979
  • South Orange County Animal Hospital, Lake Forest, 949.313.6331

Important Note: The organization doesn’t recommend a vet over the other. They don’t quote prices, and they cannot guarantee the outcome of pet treatment.

Other Organizations in Southern California Focusing in Financial Assistance to Help Treat Sick or Injured Pets

  • Actors & Others for Animals – 818.755.6045 and 818.755.6323
  • Animal Assistance League – 714.891.7387
  • Red Rover – 1.800.440.3277
  • Orange County Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals – 714.964.4445
  • Sam Simon Foundation –
  • FACE Foundation – San Diego residents only – 858.450.3223
  • Mercy Crusade – Ventura County residents only – 805.278.4433
  • POPCO – Spay/Neuter referral for Riverside & San Bernardino residents only – 1.888.767.2550

DISCLAIMER: Contact information can be inaccurate. Every organization operates differently, and each has its own requirements.

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