San Diego Animal Support Foundation

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About the San Diego Animal Support Foundation

The San Diego Animal Support Foundation is a private, volunteer-dependent, nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization that works to improve the welfare of animals living in underfunded, overburdened local shelters and rescues.

Their mission is to encourage responsible pet ownership and promote adoption. They work with the public as well as a network of respected local animal welfare agencies. The Foundation accomplishes their mission through daily TV Adopt-A-Pet segments, which hosts large multi-organizational adoption events, providing spay/neuter funding to pet owners, maintaining a close-knit network with approximately 40 animal shelters and rescue agencies, and working on any projects that benefit homeless animals in San Diego. To continue their life-saving mission, the San Diego Animal Support Foundation relies on tax-deductible donations from private donors, not some government funding or grants.

What Does SDASF Do?

SDASF is not a shelter, instead they act as an umbrella organization that assists already existing shelters and foster agencies in need. It is recommended that you contact one of the recommended organizations if you are considering adopting or relinquishing a pet. Their resources are used to:

  • Encourage adoptions of shelter/rescue animals via media campaigns and television segments that feature the whole rescue community.
  • Advocate education and press releases, articles, and pet segments for proper animal care.
  • Assist local rescue groups and the community cover for spay/neuter procedures to stop pet overpopulation.
  • Give funding to vital animal welfare projects
  • Collaborate with the public to offer emergency medical treatment to animals who may otherwise die.
  • Host annual adoption events that bring together hundreds of local adoption agencies in order to help animals.
  • Run a car donation program to help not just one, but many local organizations.


Your generous financial and car donations are crucial in supporting the Foundation’s efforts to support the needs in the local animal welfare community. These are just a few examples of how your donations have been used by the Foundation to support local animals in dire need:

  • The SDASF hosts and organizes Annual Cupids & Canines Valentine’s animal adoption event every year. This event brings together local rescues and shelters to offer hundreds of animals for adoption at one location. The SDASF does NOT collect adoption fees and they do not charge local rescue groups to attend the event.
  • They host and organize Annual Big Dogs Rock Adoption Event. This brings together local shelters and rescues to offer hundreds of large-breed dogs up for adoption on Fiesta Island. The SDASF does NOT collect adoption fees and they do not charge local rescue groups to attend the event.
  • Host the Annual Holiday Pet Food & Toy Drive will distribute THOUSANDS of lbs of dog food to families in need and foster homes across the community.
  • They give funds for the HSTJ Itchy Scratchy Clinic in Tijuana to spay/neuter, vaccinate, and offer urgent care for animals brought into the clinic for assistance
  • In 2007 wildfires, they worked tirelessly to unite thousands of temporary foster homes, transporters, and volunteers with people who needed immediate evacuation assistance for domestic pets and livestock.
  • Sponsored a SNAP Neuter Scooter Day for Local Rescue Groups
  • They help shelters and rescues to promote events such as the Super Senior Adoption Day, North County Puppy Love Party, El Cajon Animal Shelter Cookout for Critters, World’s Ugliest Dog Contest. In addition, they send out press releases to the media to promote adoption events and other animal care issues.
  • Distribution of 45,000 lbs of dog food to 19 Pet Rescue Groups
  • Assist starving homeless pets in Mexico
  • For various pets that require emergency vet care, they have raised THOUSANDS of Dollars.
  • Raised $5,000 from YAPPY HOUR 2006 at Hotel Solamar and gave away all $5,000 the following week to local organizations, plus $3,000 more.
  • Recruit fosters and volunteers for all shelters and rescue groups in San Diego County
  • 2005 – gave $11,000 in Free Spay Neuter Coupons
  • 1-800-Save-A-Pet.Com, Fund for Web Adoption Program, $16,000
  • Cat Beds to North, Central and South Shelters, $1,500 Commercial Washing Machine, Rancho Coastal Humane $885
  • Dog Beds to North, Central and South Shelters, $27,984
  • Dog Bowls – Various Shelters, $738
  • Dog Food Distribution, $650
  • Kong Toys To North, Central and South Shelters, $2,310
  • Local Rescue Medical Fund, $588
  • Paint Camp Pendleton Shelter, $280
  • PAWS – The Landry Company, $1,185
  • San Diego Co. Shelters, Anesthesiology Equip., $2,424
  • San Diego Co. Shelters Bank of Kennels, $7,759
  • San Diego Co. Shelters Centrifuge/Autoclave, $5,941
  • San Diego Co. Shelters, Hematology Equip., $16,097
  • San Diego Co. Shelters Surgery Light, $2,365
  • SNAP, Spay/Neuter Coupon Program, $5,000
  • Take Adoptable Pets on Television Every Weekday from Local Shelters/Rescues
  • Whelping Beds to Shelters and Rescue Groups, $2,750

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