SFCCC Veterinary Street Outreach Services (VET SOS)

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About Veterinary Street Outreach Street Services (VET SOS)


Vet SOS offers free veterinary care for pets of homeless people in San Francisco and connects them with health care services. They have been in operation since 2001, and it is a sister program of SFCCC’s Street Outreach Services (SOS) program.


Vet SOS has pop-up clinics that are open twice a month, and all visits are by appointment only. They can offer weekly curbside delivery of pet food and supplies free of charge, which are also by appointment. For current clients, they also offer medication refills and telemedicine.

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The Vet SOS team meets homeless people directly – on their turf – and builds trust with them. This helps to break down barriers that prevent homeless people and their companion pets from receiving the care they need and deserve.


  • Achieve improvement of the health of companion animals of homeless San Franciscans
  • Reduce the spread of infectious diseases
  • Reduce pet overpopulation
  • Encourage the bond between human and animal
  • Give health information and referrals to San Franciscans who are homeless
  • Advocate for the welfare of homeless pet guardians, and their companion animals


  • On-site veterinary wellness examinations, which includes routine procedures and vaccinations
  • Rabies certificates
  • Registration and implantation of microchips
  • Distribution of pet food, leashes, collars, and other supplies
  • Referral and transport to free spay/neuter surgery and other veterinary care
  • Connection to human health services


Every year, more than 500 companion animals are provided free veterinary care from the organization.


San Francisco Community Clinic Consortium

170 Capp Street, Suite C

San Francisco, CA 94110

(415) 355-2248



Vet SOS offers free veterinary care for homeless San Franciscans’ companion animals.


You must be homeless to be eligible for Vet SOS services. You will also need to provide documentation after your first visit on a form they will give you, which can also be found here.

Most of the clients live on the streets, in parks, emergency shelters, and temporary SRO hotel rooms. Therefore, you will not be eligible for Vet SOS services if you have low income but are housed.

You are considered a current Vet SOS client if they have seen at least one of your companion animals in the past year, and you have or will bring to Vet SOS an approved Vet SOS homeless verification letter.


Please contact the nearest veterinary clinic if you need urgent veterinary care between Vet SOS clinics. Pets of the Homeless may be able to give financial assistance if you have pre-approved emergency visits. Contact them at 775-841-7463, Monday through Friday, 9am – 3pm PST.

Current Vet SOS clients who are in good standing can receive limited emergency care for their pet between Vet SOS clinic dates through the partnership with the SF SPCA, a veterinary hospital in San Francisco. However, this is only possible if all the following criteria are met:

  • Your companion animal is a dog or a cat.
  • Your pet is spayed or neutered.
  • If within the past 12 months, your pet has been to a Vet SOS clinic.
  • Vet SOS has on file a current eligibility letter signed by a local homeless service provider in the last 12 month.

If you are eligible, in the case of a veterinary emergency, you can call the SF SPCA on 415-554-3030.

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