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For PAWS clients, they offer the following services.

Pet Food Bank

Each year, the PAWS Pet Food Bank distributes around 80,000 cans of pet food and nearly 30,000 pounds dry pet food. This program also distributes more than 16,000 pounds worth of cat litter annually. The Pet Food Bank is located at the PAWS office and offers clients with a supplemental allotment of regular and prescription/specialty pet food, litter, and different pet supplies (e.g., toys, treats, collars, leashes, carriers/crates, etc.) Each client’s order is tailored to meet their specific needs, including special diet pet food. Many of the clients cannot come to the Pet Food Bank because they are disabled. Therefore, all homebound clients are served by PAWS volunteers who deliver food and other supplies.

Veterinary Services

Ask the Vet: Clients can consult one of the volunteer PAWS veterinarians at the PAWS office to discuss a range of pet health concerns.

Preventative Veterinary Care: Each year, clients receive one complimentary Annual Wellness Exam per pet. This exam is only offered through SPCA-Pacific Heights and includes a general examination and vaccinations. Senior pets are qualified to receive two complimentary annual check-ups.

Comprehensive and Emergency Care: Clients are eligible to get $200.00 per calendar year in financial assistance for veterinary expenses. The financial assistance can be used to pay for ER visits, bloodwork, and prescription medication. It does not, however, include over-the-counter products such as food supplements, toothpaste, shampoo, nail-trimming, flea or heartworm preventatives. It can also cover annual wellness exams at veterinarians except those in SPCA-Pacific Heights campus. The $200.00 annual financial assistance is renewed each January, and it does not carry over from year to year. Clients can also get limited emergency funding in the event of life-threatening circumstances such as urgent surgeries, x-rays, ultrasounds, or dental procedures. The emergency funds are granted on a case-by-case basis.

In-Home Services

PAWS offers a lot of in-home support services to assist clients who want to care for their pets. Volunteers from PAWS primarily provide these services. They allow clients to concentrate on their health and well-being while keeping their pets happy and healthy. For those who are physically disabled or unable to perform pet care tasks without help, the following services are available to active PAWS clients:

In-Home Cat Care: Maintenance of litter boxes, feeding, and administration of medication and/or fluids.

Dog walking: They will take your dog for regular walks, get some exercise, and socialization as needed.

Transport: Transport to and from veterinary and/or grooming appointments.

Emergency Foster Care: Provides support for clients in crisis situations such as severe illness, hospital and rehabilitation stays, imprisonment, and housing emergency crises.

Dog Wash & Nail Trimming Services

PAWS also offers services such as nail trimming and dog washing, which are vital to the health and well-being of pets. These services are not always affordable to all clients, and/or they might not be able to perform it on their own.

Nail Trimming: PAWS provides Nail Trimming during Ask the Vet clinics on selected Saturdays. For the complete schedule of Ask the Vet Clinics, please refer to the Client Calendar.

Full-service Dog Wash at Pet Food Express: Clients may get their pets a full-service dog wash at a Pet Food Express Market Location. Individual and group volunteers provide these services. Towels, shampoo, and brushes are also free of charge. For a schedule of the dog wash, see Client Calendar.

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