Starfleet Canine Aid Foundation

Last Updated on August 22, 2023 by Hannah Stevens

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A non-profit organization dedicated to the welfare of dogs in need.

Eligibility Criteria

  1. Dogs need medical attention for any unforeseen injury or illness. However, this excludes expenses for diagnosis.
  2. A positive prognosis for survival must be given for the injury or disease that is causing the aid request. A licensed veterinarian must have assessed all the ailments and injuries and has determined that the dog is likely to live a long and happy life with treatment.
  3. In the last six months, a dog has not received any contribution. SCAF accepts applications only from California residents until further notice due to limited funding.

The following applications will not be accepted:

  1. Requests for financial assistance for routine veterinary care (spay/neuter vaccinations, heartworm prevention, dental, etc.) or diagnostic expenses (x-rays, MRI, etc.)
  2. The applicant has not provided a written estimate or an itemized bill from the attending veterinarian.
  3. The attending veterinarian’s estimate does not give a positive prognosis for survival.
  4. Within the past six months, the applicant received a donation from SCAF.

Responsibility of the Applicant

  • Complete the Application and provide all information needed.
  • When requested, provide a copy of the veterinarian’s written estimate or itemized invoice.
  • The veterinarian should send the estimate/bill on letterhead. It should contain the following:
    1. Name of the attending veterinarian and the facility
    2. Name of the applicant
    3. Dog’s name
    4. Diagnosis
    5. Prognosis
    6. Complete cost breakdown
    7. SCAF staff may request that applicants or veterinarians send their application via email

Process of Application

  1. Once all required information is submitted, applications will be processed as soon as possible.
  2. The program’s decision will be communicated to applicants either via email or phone. They will also provide reasons for denial.
  3. A check will be issued to the veterinarian who provided the medical care if the SCAF board votes to finance an application (receipts required).
  4. Grant funds are limited to $500.00 per application if they are approved.

Application Completion

You must submit your application via email or post mail within 30 days of the expense being incurred.

 After completing the online application, you will receive your completed form via email. Please submit your application here. After you have received your completed application, please reply to “Sender” in the application email and attach any documents necessary to submit your application to SCAF.

To process your application, you must include all relevant documents. All forms should be emailed to [email protected]

You can also print a blank application form and mail it. Find the blank application form here.

Mailing address: SCAF, c/o Mickey Horn, 11684 Germany Road, Wilton, CA. 95693

All required documentation must be included with signatures on postal applications.

Applications which are incomplete will not be accepted for review. Incomplete applications are those without an estimate from you or an itemized bill from your veterinarian.

Any misrepresentation or false information regarding the case will result immediately in the closure of the application. And the funding for any future applications will be denied. There will be a notification to the applicant when these actions have been put in motion. Once the SCAF may have disbursed funds for veterinary care already, the applicant must repay these funds. Any SCAF pledged donation will be withdrawn.

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