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About Acme

The Acme Foundation was established in memory of Acme, a beloved feline of the organization’s founders on March 6, 1998. This is one year after Acme’s transition.

Acme suffered from many physical ailments throughout his life but was a loyal companion to his other cats in the household and his guardians. The founders witnessed in the veterinary hospital’s waiting room, as Acme was receiving veterinary treatment for cancer and diabetes towards the end of his life, how senior citizens, in particular, would forgo their medicine in order to afford veterinary services.

Acme Foundation was founded in order to help the less fortunate find a resource that can help with their treatment for seriously ill cats and dogs. Acme’s last veterinarian, Dr. Alan Stewart, was the other inspiration. Through Dr. Stewart’s compassion and high-quality medical care that Acme received, the founders began to believe that quality care should be made available to those with limited funds, particularly low-income senior citizens and disabled persons.

The founders do not believe that a pet should be euthanized due to insufficient funds for treatments. These pets may be able to recover their health and continue to provide companionship and unconditional love to its guardian if given the chance to be treated.

Please help the senior citizens and disabled of Lake County, CA who are struggling to care for their seriously sick cats and dogs due to limited funds. Sometimes pets are the only “family” that an individual has. Donating money will not only preserve dignity for the pet owner, but also save the life of a pet.

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The Acme Foundation

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