The Ladybug Fund

Last Updated on August 21, 2023 by Hannah Stevens

The Ladybug Fund, which provides emergency veterinary care to pet owners in Colorado experiencing financial hardship, is now part of the street dog coalition.

Monkey’s Ashes Fund pays for humane euthanasia, and any aftercare if treatment is no longer feasible.

Thanks to donors and supporters, they are able to provide care and help to pets and pet owners in need.

You can also take a look at the pet grants from all the other states.


Assist pet owners in financial hardship to pay for emergency veterinary care.


Ladybug, a pet dog, was brought to Fort Collins Veterinary Emergency Hospital in 2005 for medical treatment. Then, while there, Ladybug’s owner was made aware of the difficulties pet owners face when confronted with unexpected veterinary costs.

Ladybug’s owner gave a generous donation, which was set aside to help pet owners in financial hardship to offset the cost for emergency veterinary care. Thus, The Ladybug Fund was created.

Since that time, the donations to the Ladybug Fund have helped hundreds of cats and dogs get life-saving emergency care.

How Ladybug Fund Works

  • Colorado emergency clinics that participate in The Ladybug Fund can submit requests for assistance.
  • 100% of donations are given to clinics that follow the Ladybug Fund guidelines. The emergency hospital providing service matches all contributions.
  • Pet owners who are granted these funds must show financial hardship, commit to providing the required aftercare, and demonstrate responsible pet ownership.
  • Pets and their families can expect to receive quality veterinary care, recovery, and comfort.

Monkey’s Ashes

Monkey’s Ashes, a fund that pays for cremation costs for pet owners experiencing financial hardship who are dealing with the death of their pet, is a dedicated fund. Samantha and Damien started this fund when they lost their cat, Monkey, to intestinal disease.

It is available at participating hospitals to ensure dignity in death when it’s the most humane option. You can support this project by donating on their website, and please note “Monkey’s Ashes” in your donation. All of the donations are tax-deductible.

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