We Count! COVID-19 Recovery for All

Last Updated on August 22, 2023 by Hannah Stevens

Immigrant Worker COVID-19 Fund

WeCount! was launched in March 2020. It is a COVID-19 rapid response program to address the economic and public health crisis affecting members and other low-wage immigrant and undocumented workers in South Florida. This includes the establishment of the Immigrant Worker COVID-19 Fund, which is the first COVID-19 mutual assistance fund for undocumented families and workers in South Florida. Since April 2020, the fund has distributed food, PPE, and over $300,000 in direct cash assistance to undocumented workers and families. These beneficiaries are those who were excluded from the COVID-19 stimulus payments, state unemployment insurance, and other safety net programs. Worker leaders in communities, who participate in its design, and implementation manages these COVID-19 relief efforts.

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NOTE: Please consider donating to this organization if you wish to support these efforts, and show solidarity with the South Florida’s excluded and essential workers. It is encouraged for individual donors to make a general donation. This will help fund the COVID-19 education, outreach, advocacy, and direct services. Foundations or other philanthropic institutions are welcome to continue to provide cash assistance through the Immigrant Worker COVID-19 Fund. For more information, please contact [email protected]

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