Disability Grants in Colorado

Last Updated on August 23, 2023 by Hannah Stevens

There are many funding options for finding grants and other funding for wheelchair vans available to Colorado residents with disabilities. If they are able to find the right information, state residents may be eligible for financial assistance in order to obtain a used or new handicap accessible van, or for accessories and conversions for handicapped vehicles, such as ramps, lifts, and turning seat systems.

The following charities and state government agencies can help you buy a wheelchair van, or install adaptive driving equipment in your current vehicle. Therefore, they are worth contacting. Some offer grant money themselves, while others assist Colorado residents in obtaining financial aid. You can click through each website to find out more about financial aid or how you can get help finding it.

Furthermore, you can turn to the state chapters of organizations that provide assistance for people with your particular disability, and help you find grants for disabled people.

Sources for Colorado Disability Grants and Assistance

Adult Resources for Care and Help (ARCH)

Colorado’s Aging and Disability Resource Center is also known as ARCH. Its mission is to assist the elderly and disabled to find and use all available assistance. They assist residents over 60 years old or adults with disabilities. Moreover, there are many offices located throughout the state, and each serves several counties.

Contact Information:

(303) 866-2800

Area Agencies on Aging (AAA)

There are many AAA branches in across Colorado. They provide information and services to seniors in order to preserve their dignity and independence. You can click the link above to find the contact information, a list of local offices, and a link to specific branch websites.

This is similar to the C4A which is one of the Disability Grants in California.

The Center for People with Disabilities (CPWD)

CWPD has been existing since 1977. They provide all kinds of assistance for Boulder-area residents with disabilities. Their goal is to help them maintain their independence and self-determination.

Contact Information:

1675 Range Street

Boulder, Colorado 80301

(303) 442-8662 or (888) 929-5519

Colorado Department of Veterans Affairs (VA)

The Colorado VA provides service for in-state veterans of the US Military. This agency offers many forms of assistance to disabled veterans, including grants that can be applied for an accessible vehicles or modifications for accessibility.

Contact Information:

1355 South Colorado Blvd., Building C, Suite #113

Denver, CO 80222

(303) 343-1268

This is the same as the Veterans Affairs which is one of the Disability Grants in Connecticut.

Division of Vocational Rehabilitation, State of Colorado (DVR)

DVR is a division of the Colorado Department of Labor and Employment. Its primary goal is to assist residents with disabilities in finding, securing and maintaining gainful employment. Therefore, if you or a family member requires a handicapped-accessible vehicle to be part of the workforce, this agency can assist you.

Contact Information:

633 17th Street, 1519

Denver, CO 80202