Nonprofit Grants in Mississippi

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Mississippi Alliance of Nonprofits and Philanthropy

The fundamental role of nonprofit and philanthropic organizations has been in the identification of cost-effective, strategic solutions that have improved the quality of lives for people, families, and communities in Mississippi. The Mississippi Alliance of Nonprofits and Philanthropy (The Alliance), has more than 30 years of experience in working with nonprofits and philanthropy to give leadership and organizational development support to these organizations, helping them address a wide range of problems.

They connect nonprofit and philanthropic organizations in various means that transform how they approach to address the problems they face. They also ensure these organizations have the tools, training, resources, and networks they require to make a significant and tangible impact on the communities they serve. The members can easily transition from conversation to collaboration via affinity groups, online communication tools, and other opportunities to network, which will increase and magnify the impact and results from philanthropy and nonprofits.

The Alliance currently has over 220 members, which employ more than 1,500 people, and a network that includes over 10,000 volunteers. Each year, they also answer over 3,000 emails and calls from nonprofits all around the state.

Our Vision:

The Alliance envisions having effective and efficient nonprofit and philanthropic organizations across Mississippi, all working together to serve and improve the lives of people and communities in the state.

Our Mission:

The Alliance creates capacity and promotes collaboration among and between the philanthropic and nonprofit communities of Mississippi.

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Contact Information:

175 E. Capitol Street
(601) 968-0061

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