Nonprofit Grants in Montana

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Montana Nonprofit Association

The Montana Nonprofit Association (MNA), a membership and nonprofit support and advocacy organization, was established in 2001 through a grassroot effort. It was founded on the belief that the state’s vitality and livability, now and in the future, is dependent upon a strong nonprofit sector. Currently, MNA’s 630 charitable nonprofit members include organizations of all sizes and mission types from all around Montana. MNA is the voice of Montana’s nonprofit sector. It also offers leadership for and within the sector, and partners with charitable nonprofits in order to foster a sustainable, connected, and influential nonprofit sector.

They are optimistic about Montana’s future as a place where nonprofits are well-respected, have the resources they require, and can be more resilient through their involvement with partners and networks both within and outside the sector. In the large and diverse geography of Montana, MNA serves small, unstaffed organizations, and the state’s largest employers, the remote rural nonprofits, and the ones in the seven population centers.

The nonprofits who hold membership with MNA valued this status for many reasons. There are those who join for the discount on education and training. While others benefit from the cost-savings MNA’s member products; these savings more than pay for the membership dues. And many members appreciate their role in Montana’s nonprofit policy voice. There are also those who recognize the importance of having a visible and influential nonprofit sector in Montana, which only happens through a strong membership base.

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Contact Information:

7 W. 6th Avenue
Suite 504
(406) 449-3717

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